A Digital Season with Shopee 11.11 Big Sale


Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week has always sourced for more opportunities to further develop the fashion and creative industry here in Malaysia. Along came Shopee for KLFW 2018, and suddenly a whole new expansion to designer opportunities lay itself before their designers. In collaboration with KLFW, Shopee had an intense Shopee 11.11 KLFW Runway Night, showing the designs of Zero to Ten, Supercrew, Justin Chew, Tarik Jeans, Poplook, Mag Lifestyle, Thavia, Projek Jahat, and Jubahsouq. With a surprising addition, Zoey Rahman, a member of the Shopee Celebrity Squad, MIKASERIES showcased on the runway too!


The app provides homegrown designers with the chance to sell their collections on the renowned platform, which is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The collaboration is exploring e-commerce lessons and modules and curating fashion related campaigns to increase the visibility of designers in Malaysia. The Shopee Fashion Day is happening on the 5th of November, so stay tuned to the app to check out the collections. Even better? Keep up with Shopee’s 11.11 shopping themed days from 25th October to 11th November to get the best deals the app has to offer. Don’t miss out!

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Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj