What’s Up with Resolutions?


It always somehow feels like the year goes by so much faster once we reach that last quarter, and true enough: we’re a month away from a new year! Some of us may have reached outstanding goals and opportunities, and some of us… not so much. But that’s okay. We’ve got a whole other year to look forward to with hundreds of opportunities and resolutions to accomplish.

Yet, that’s the thing. You can’t deny that there have been moments through your life where you’ve made resolutions only to forget them by March, or worse yet before the first week of the year has even ended. What exactly is up with resolutions and why are they so difficult to follow?

Resolutions can vary depending on each person (duh!); some make the choice to shake a bad habit, while others make it a point to achieve long time goals (like graduating first class or pursuing new business opportunities). The need to make them have always forced a divide in the people, year after year of people who:

1.Believe in making New Years Resolutions and
2. Laugh at people who make New Years Resolutions.
So, there isn’t really a concept or a guideline to what we do, but at least as people we can try to understand it. The idea of resolutions started from the same place most things start from -- Greece.


That’s right! Greek Mythology has evolved and structured many philosophical thoughts and processes, and resolutions are one of them. The month of January is represented through the Greek God Janus, who had two faces -- one looking forward and one looking back. The view of Janus brought about the symbolic idea that perhaps the beginning of each new year gives us the ability to look back into our past year, take lessons from it, and bring those forth to the new one.
So, New Year's Resolutions were born! Through the years and years we’ve been doing this, we still have to ask -- why do we do it?

The answer is actually simpler than you think: Goals. There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t aspire to something or someone. Everyone wants to head somewhere, and they don’t have to be BIG ones -- they can be socially important ones. You could aspire to a promotion, aspire to a marriage, or even aspire to be a part of more charity work.


As people, we always make goals a huge part of our lives, and every new year acts as a checkpoint in this game we call Life. Everytime we pass that point into a new year, it’s a whole boatload of new challenges and levels to get through and resolutions work like strategies do in any game. We rely on them to give us the structure we need to get through another year, to know that if we make it through this one, there are endless opportunities that’ll come from it. So if you’re a believer of resolutions, make them and try your hardest not to forget them. Really work to that goal and really push for them in little ways that you can. If you’re not? Then you can still have a great year coming.
Happy New Year everybody!

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj