Smart Shoes: The Latest in Under Armour’s Techwear Advancements

Techwear has become increasingly available with launches of trackable and connected fitness popping up in all athletic brands. Of course, in the beginning, being connected with your techwear was a tedious but necessary way to track your own skills and stamina to continuously improve yourself. These methods usually involve attaching a chip to a piece of clothing or your sneaker, wearing smart watches, using fitness apps on your runs, and a variety of other methods.

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HOVR Run Suite SS 2019 Connected Fitness Launch in Malaysia
Under Armour Pavilion Store

But some of the dreary things about running, is that having to lug around your phone with you makes things a little more complicated. With the wrong kind of attire, it’s easy for them to fall out and overall -- it just becomes a big hassle. Hearing every runners cry for a more seamless connected fitness gear: Under Armour has launched the all-new HOVR Infinite, following the roll-out of the HOVR Phantom, and HOVR Sonic Connected models across the globe.

This “Connected” line is specially designed for high-impact, long-distance runners -- so if you’re a marathon runner, or working your way to becoming one, these shoes are a definite must have for your endurance running journey.

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The sneakers in the line are connected through Under Armour’s “MapMyRun” app, allowing runners to track basic statistics which include your running distance, pace, and more importantly: your stride length. With filled in details of your age, gender, heigh, and weight; the use of the shoes identifies the best and most efficient running posture for you, thus encouraging you to meet all your goals when going for that everyday run.

Sounds amazing right? That’s just the tip of the iceberg! The HOVR Infinite will include features that analyzes run data and provides you with real-time, in depth gait coaching -- almost like your own personalised run coach. Better yet? You don’t even need to take your phone with you on your run -- the shoe tracks it all for you while keeping the app updated on the data.

 Our generation has moved from smartphones to smart tv’s, even smarter computers, and now opening an even more advanced genre of digital sportswear keeping us eagerly waiting for more. Under Armour has definitely topped their game in assisting runners all over the world with their new techwear, and for all runners out there -- they’re a definite must have for reaching your personal best. Whether it’s on a treadmill, around a park, or running the longest marathon -- Under Armour is sure to get you there from start to finish.
The Under Armour HOVR collection features the HOVR Guardian (RM649), HOVR Velociti (RM599), HOVR Sonic 2 (RM549), and HOVR Phantom SE (RM699). All shoes are made available Under Armour brand houses nationwide and in the online stores. For more information, please visit Under Armour Website.

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Credit:Tasha Raj

Credit:Tasha Raj