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Grooming matters. Be it a fresh haircut or a simple trim, every bit of effort put into grooming yourself matters and who said only the ladies has to spend hours on looking good? A chat with Cathal Eoin Lenihan, Brand Manager of Truefitt & Hill for Asia and Australia gave Edition KLFW insights on choosing the right style for men and what look out for in the year to come as 2019 gets closer.

Truefitt & Hill in Bangsar is home to 95% Malaysian men of its customer base who visit twice a month. Holding the reputation of being the biggest of its kind in the world and despite having 11 barbers who work round the clock, you will still have to book in advance for their world class treatment.


Get to know your face
Men come with different facial features. Strong jaws, round faces and pointed chins are some of the common features and not all these features can pull off a beard or a moustache.  When it comes to those with strong jaws, Cathal says a strong jaw can carry any moustache but at end of the day it really depends on those who really know what they want because it’s one of the rare features that can pretty much carry any style. So if you have a strong jaw, consider yourself lucky!

As for those with round faces, the horseshoe is always the best look to opt for as it helps to lengthen the face. As long as the style is shorter on the cheeks and longer on the chin, it will help create the illusion of a more angular chin. Be sure to avoid thick, long beards, as this will only make your face look rounder.

Having trouble figuring out what’s the right choice for a pointed chin? Easiest way to tackle this is by growing a beardstache. Avoid anything too full on the cheeks which can lead to giving an unwanted impression of a wider jawline. Cathal also points out as the Tom Selleck’s moustache style is making a comeback, those with a pointed chin can opt for the famous moustache style.


Grooming yourself

Growing facial hair alone does not suffice as the ability to present it in the right manner matters as well. Thus, the need for grooming. Brand Manager, Cathal Eoin, says “You will need to go to the barber every two weeks in order for a well trim and to make it look neat as well.” Some of you might opt for waxing in order to prevent frequent growth of hair, but if you are ready for pain and if you have a lot of patience, waxing is also an option.


In with the new, out with the old

Beards are making their way out and moustaches are certainly picking up heat among men right now. According to Cathal, Malaysian men very much still prefer a full beard, however, he has also noticed a 20% drop in the demand for a beard as a number of his customers prefer a clean shave nowadays.

The rise in demand for moustaches can be observed as well. Cathal believes with the ever-changing trends, 2019 might just see more moustaches coming in as well. He also adds that the 5’o clock fade seems to be making its way back as well.

First-class treatment

While the barber industry grows rapidly in the country, Truefitt & Hill sticks to their tradition of notaccepting anything less than perfect when it comes to serving their customers.Hiring only those with more than a decade of experience, Truefitt & Hill barbers are equipped with global skills that can attend to any hair.

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Credit: Poovenraj Kanagaraj

Credit: Poovenraj Kanagaraj