Top Iconic Art and Fashion Collaborations


Elsa Schapiarelli x Salvador Dalí

The “Organza Dinner Dress with Painted Lobster” is probably one of the earliest collaborations between a fashion designer and an artist. Designed by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí, this quirky, yet elegant piece is the result of a fruitful collaboration between these two creative minds. Worn by Wallis Simpson for a Vogue spread in 1937,  the dress is considered to be one of the most iconic garments of that era.

(L) Elsa Schiaparelli (R)Salvador Dalí

(L) Elsa Schiaparelli (R)Salvador Dalí

Lobster Dress

Lobster Dress

(L) Nurse by Richard Prince

(L) Nurse by Richard Prince

Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince

The Spring/ Summer 2008 collections are remembered for have been strongly inspired by art. We all are aware of Louis Vuitton's collaboration with contemporary artist, who are called to embellish their famous monogram bags. In SS 2008 it was the turn of Richard Prince, who's 'Nurse Painting' series inspired the complete theme of the show.

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Prada x Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

Elmgreen and Dragset have been artist-collaborators since the mid 1990s, with a body of work that explores the link between art, architecture and design. Their practice can engage a number of different areas including institutional or social critique and often deals with important cultural issues – but always tinged with subversive humour and wit.
The sculpture Prada Marfa has been permanently installed in the northwest of Texas since 2005, off the highway U.S. Route 90. Mirroring the design of a Prada shop, the work is filled with the fall/winter collection of 2005. Here in this new media artwork, the installation is depicted throughout a day’s cycle, as the sunlight beats down on the building and then fades into nightfall. The artists describe the project as pop architectural land art, as it humorously plays with the visual language of Minimalism.

Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst

in celebration of the 10th anniversary of british design house alexander mcqueen‘s iconic skull scarf, british artist damien hirst has collaborated with the famed fashion brand in the creation of 30 limited edition scarves, available today, november 15th 2013. the patterns have been adapted from hirst’s entomology series, a body of work that he began in 2009. the large scale paintings were composed from the intricate placement of butterflies, spiders and various insect species in the formation of kaleidoscopic, geometric shapes. the scarves appropriate the motifs in the organizational layout of mcqueen’s signature skull image, an unmistakable emblem of his brand that was first seen in his spring-summer 2013 irere collection. the partnership seamlessly plays on the shared aesthetic vision of the artist and designer, in which symmetry and strong references to natural history and the environment are significant parts of their creative vision.


Stella McCartney x Ed Ruscha

American visual artist Ed Ruscha has conferred his characteristic style to Stella McCartney’s winter 2016 campaign, #Stellacares, collaborating with the ethically-minded fashion designer on a series of images which overlay editorial photography with declarative typography.
The composition of the images used throughout the campaign closely adheres to Ed Ruscha’s style seen in his prolific painting career, graphically transmuting his signature san-serif squared-off Boy Scout Utility Modern typeface throughout.
Phrases such as “Meat Free”, “Veg Out” and “No Leathers Feathers or Fur” are superimposed over the fashion editorial photography shot by Harley Weir. The campaign “reflects the designer’s cruelty free designs and sensibility and the new campaign will be tagged with the hashtag #StellaCares,” says the label..

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Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

Murakami brought a breath of fresh air to a storied fashion house when he was called upon by Marc Jacobs to redesign Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2003 accessories collection. Picking apart the trademark LV all-over logo print, he reassembled it as a kawaii dream. Using the vivid color palette and playful style that he’s known and loved for, Murakami’s Vuitton designs laid the foundations for an epidemic of highly-sought after ‘It’ bags, as his Cherry Blossom, Character and Mono camouflage styles were all quickly swept up by the fashion crowd. Here are some Images of their amazing collaboration. 

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Raf Simons x Robert Mapplethorpe

Shown at the Pitti Uomo in 2017, the Spring/Summer men’s wear collection by Raf Simons took inspiration Robert Mapplethorpe’s incredible photography. Some of the artist’s seminal pieces like his Patti Smith portraits, as well as lesser-known, erotic photographs were worked into the garments in print form. But Mapplethorpe’s art was also present in more referential ways, like in the white wide-necked shirts that could be seen on the runway in reverence to Smith’s androgynous style. Incidentally, it was the Robert Mapplethorpe foundation that reached out to Simons, allowing him to go through the photographer’s archive in order to translate his transgressive work into fashion.

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