The dUCk Group founder, Vivy Yusof wears the Go-Getter ProdUCktive Scarf.jpg

Vivy Yusof : Co-founder of @fashionvaletcom@theduckgroup and @duckcosmetics.

Trailblazers, go-getters, game-changers; I bet you’re able to identify many women in your life who rock these descriptions. For years, women have shattered glass ceilings, held positions of power, raised families and managed their household affairs, the true embodiment of multi-tasking, and it all boils down to having one key trait – being productive, or as I like to call it – ProdUCktive!

My mom to me, is a woman who embodies just that. She worked tirelessly to achieve her career dreams, and when life took her down another path (when she learned she was expecting my brother), she never stopped being productive. it just took on a different form as she channelled her efforts towards managing her new priority, her new family - raising my brothers and I, and well, what can I say, she rocked as a Mom!

Although Mom didn’t get to realise her own dream of opening a cake business, she's always encouraged me to pursue mine, and that’s what inspired the ProdUCktive Collection you see here today. To me, being a ProdUCktive woman is all about having the drive to make your aspirations a reality, and what better symbol for that than a ladder. The perfect reminder to progress towards your dreams, to always move forward, to always strive to be better.
Marking another milestone for us, the Limited Edition ProdUCktive Collection is the first of its kind to feature a collection of Scarves, Cosmetics and Bags. With that, let me share with you how and why each one made it to this collection.

The ProdUCktive Scarf

Made from lusciously soft satin silk, the ProdUCktive scarves boast a gorgeous sheen and are wonderfully lightweight, with a texture that drapes naturally and beautifully every time. The Limited Edition Collection of ProdUCktive scarves come in ten exciting colour variations - each with a name I hope will inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams.

The ladder, which symbolises that goal and dream is the hallmark of the ProdUCktive scarf design, which also features our signature hanging dUCk charm that can be easily removed or interchanged.

With choices of muted or bold colours, the ProdUCktive scarf can be styled to be either casual or dressy.


The ProdUCktive Bag

And what is a ProdUCktive woman without a bag – but not just any bag. These lightweight faux leather bags come equipped with multiple useful compartments for the important stuff, such as your laptop, your phone (#LIFE), lipstick (but of course), loose documents, and more for the other necessities of a prodUCktive woman! Five bags are featured in this collection, one for every day of the work week! From a dainty nude and a sweet pink to a bold red, gorgeous green and chic black, there’s one to fit every mood and look. Customised with dUCk’s signature metal hardware, the bag comes with a twilly, because function and fashion should always mix. Oh – and the names were definitely a cheeky nod to office environments and the corporate world, think Pay Day and 9 to 5!


The ProdUCktive Lipsticks

7 days of the week, with so many things to do; as someone who’s constantly on the move, my go-to lipstick is one that’ll stay put all day but won’t dry my lips, and of course the obvious Monday to Sunday labelling is just a dream! That’s why it was necessary for me to make the ProdUCktive lipsticks as wearable as possible, with a range of colours that are friendly for both work and play.


Seven shades to help you conquer each day of the week and make your mark – these velvety matte lipsticks are long lasting and comfortable, with excellent colour payoff. Whether it’s a pop of red for a business meeting, or a sweet nude shade for a night out, there’s a ProdUCktive lipstick for every occasion. Enriched with Vitamin E, these lip colours give a much needed boost of moisture to the lips. Encased in a minimalistic black and white packaging, these lipsticks are easy on the eye, and easier still on the lips. And of course, they are Paraben free.

Whether you’re all about the scarves, cosmetics, bags or all of them, I hope that when you wear one of our lipsticks, tote the bag or wrap the scarf around you, you’ll be reminded that your dreams are valid and that you, yes you my dear, can achieve them.



All items are available now at The dUCk Store KLCC and Pavilion, The dUCk Cosmetics Store Pavilion and The dUCk Store at Haji Lane, Singapore. They are also available at all FashionValet stores and online at www.fashionvalet.com.