The Diversity of a Saree

Here are a few things you can expect to hear and be excited about when Diwali is nearing:
1. Food
2. Fireworks
3. Colours
4. More Food
Despite the divine blessing that is Indian Cuisine, there is something remarkable that deserves it’s own appreciation -- the saree.
You’ve seen the end of a saree blowing in the wind up high on snowy mountains, or caught to the cuff of Shahrukh Khan just before the start of a bollywood medley -- but no one has really talked about how truly diverse a saree can be. If you think about it, a saree is just a long cloth about 4.5 - 8 meters in length, wrapped in so many different ways, designed in so many different colours, and paired with thousands of different blouse styles! It’s a real masterpiece, if we’re being honest.


Plus, they’re often passed down from generation to generation, with women dawning sarees worn by their grandmothers or mothers, which shows that they last longer than a lifetime. If there is one thing our generation can do, it’s reinvent fashion: which is why we’re looking at some of the best ways you can wear your saree; whether it’s a casual luncheon or a fancy dinner!

1. Saree Blouses are more diverse than you think

 Let’s be honest, the best part of any saree is the blouse. It’s made to fit your body and designed to any design you choose! Want a turtleneck saree blouse? Why not! Long netted sleeves? Can! Lace bodice with shiny strings? Sure! The beauty about it is that you can design your saree blouse not only to match your saree, but it can work as a very fashionable crop top. Pair it with a pair of black palazzo pants, a flare skirt, or even high-waisted shorts for a more casual feel -- you’d stand out from the print and still manage to have the most unique top at any function.]


2. Get creative with alterations

 Fun Fact! If you’re not into wearing the saree traditionally, you can use the material to make something a little more fun -- flare pants. With the many designs that come from saree’s, you’re able to make everything unique. The design that should be the saree pleats could be made to match the “flare” in flare pants. Pair those with a pair of heels and almost any kind of cute blouse -- you’ve got yourself a fashionable pairing.

If you’re not into pants, then it works great to turn the whole saree into a lengha. Flare skirts and saree blouse crop tops? Hell yes! Talk about high fashion. Of course, if you don’t want to ruin your saree by altering the whole material, then there are other options here for you.


3. Leggings and a saree can work wonders


 You’re in for a casual luncheon with family for diwali, but really: tying that saree and getting it just right can sometimes be difficult. So here’s something fun! Get any basic and LIGHT saree that you have, the ones without any embroidery work best -- Put on a pair of leggings with a boldly printed crop-top, then pleat your saree as much as needed and tuck it into the hem of your pants. Tuck the edges of the saree into your pants, and then begin pleating the other end of the saree.

 Throw it over your shoulder and voila! You look a little more inventive and not to mention a hell of a lot more comfortable.

4.Turning you Saree into pants without alteration? 100% possible!

So, there’s a style of draping a saree called ‘dhoti style’. It’s a little complex, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s one of the best ways to wear a saree casually. For fear of boring you with the details, you can learn to drape a saree dhoti style through a very informative video which I will attach at the end of this article.

But just look at how cool it looks!


Dhoti Saree Style

Either ways, depending on the design and print on the saree itself, you can turn this style from casual to classy.
Saree’s are a truly a diverse piece of cloth, and their designs are always so unique. So don’t be afraid to modernise traditional outfits, or even stay comfortable with the basics because honestly? Saree’s are pretty on their own so get creative with your style this diwali and surprise your relatives!

You can check out the method to tying a dhoti style saree here.

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj