Thavia x Diego: A Sculpt On Fabric


Do you still remember that excitement that hits your nerves whenever Recuérdame from Coco plays on air? That is how the local fashion and art lovers feel when they discover that Diego Cabezas, an artist from Barcelona, Spain is coming to Kuala Lumpur to launch his art collaboration with Thavia. Diego Cabezas is a Spanish sculptor, known for his artwork using strings of lines to create a simple yet scenic visuals. He started sculpting using papers and plastic as a child and over the years, he played around with metal and has now mustered it. Diego’s first collaboration with Thavia highlights this señor’s aesthetic of minimalism and feminism both on exclusive limited-edition pieces.

Diego Cabezas-2.JPG

 “Thavia is prudent in every aspect of the collaboration and I am proud to be part of this thrilling experience,” says Diego before his fans started going after him to get their Diego Tees and Diego Jumpers signed. Thavia is known to bring every details out on their pieces because every detail matters! “Thavia was very brave to contact me and has worked so hard on their new creation for #thaviaprojects. Hence, the good result,” claims Diego, satisfied with organisation who don’t only appreciate other artists but also is respectful enough not to copy an artist’s artwork and produce it without permission.


The event has seen key opinion leaders like Elaine Daly, Haida Yusof, Jaja Anuar, Juwei Teoh and Jane Chuck. They came to support refined arts and to witness high quality apparel. These women along with other women who attended the launching event are perfect examples of #thaviawoman.
Who would have thought that line drawings could mean so much? Thavia and Diego makes it happen in their ever #refinedchic collection. Be in the trend by following our Instagram.

Credit: Fumee Lee

Credit: Fumee Lee