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Principles of Azrel Ismail - Special Edition

Azrel bin Ismail or famously known as Azrel Ismail is a soon-to-be 35 year old Capricorn who hails from the town of Taiping, Perak. His bearded and tanned good looks has stolen many hearts, but the start of it all wasn’t so glamorous.
The Special Edition help you to discover more about local actor and model, Azrel Ismail who understands and knows the importance of living by principles.

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Under Armour Forge 96

You wear them to the gym. You wear them when you’re out running. But what about wearing the same thing that has a whole new look when you’re out with your friends? Breaking through the lifestyle scene, the Under Armour Forge 96 is a new impression of Under Armour, mixing the perfect amount of sport and style. This collection has elevated the brand’s hallmark image from the conventional “sport” attire to casual chic for the sneaker community.Y

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Under Armour Unveils their Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Showcasing their Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at the Under Armour Brandhouse, Midvalley Megamall,  the collection featured the season’s latest top-to-be collections designed with advanced technology for the journey of train, compete and recovery. Be it training in the gym, running on the tracks or even to manoeuvre easily between training and your next appointment, these collections are designed to allow everyday athletes to truly perform.

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