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Luxurious Milan

Milan Fashion Week Review Part 1.
Gucci’s Alessandro Michele reoriented fashion towards individuality, and he blasted gender norms wide open, giving us Jared Leto in a dress-over-pants in the process. Not least of all, Michele is a showman nonpareil. And the show he put on today was harsh and destabilizing in the extreme, not unlike the world outside the Gucci hub, complete with lions gnashing their teeth on the soundtrack and lights pulsating brightly enough to make your retinas scream.

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Principles of Azrel Ismail - Special Edition

Azrel bin Ismail or famously known as Azrel Ismail is a soon-to-be 35 year old Capricorn who hails from the town of Taiping, Perak. His bearded and tanned good looks has stolen many hearts, but the start of it all wasn’t so glamorous.
The Special Edition help you to discover more about local actor and model, Azrel Ismail who understands and knows the importance of living by principles.

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Under Armour Forge 96

You wear them to the gym. You wear them when you’re out running. But what about wearing the same thing that has a whole new look when you’re out with your friends? Breaking through the lifestyle scene, the Under Armour Forge 96 is a new impression of Under Armour, mixing the perfect amount of sport and style. This collection has elevated the brand’s hallmark image from the conventional “sport” attire to casual chic for the sneaker community.Y

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Prada's Fall / Winter Collection ... Eyewear of The Season

Recent headlines of plastic straws being replaced with steel and bamboo counterparts has been making waves as part of the movement to better protect the environment. Jumping on the bandwagon, Motiv8 has launched their new 2018 collection and it’s made from plastic waste!

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Skybar Just Got a Whole Lot Sexier

Aside from looking forward to Wednesday Ladies Night and Throwback Sunday Jams at your favourite bar or club, it is only ok to say you’ve officially partied when you have at least been to ONE sky bar. Criterias include placed on a level above 20 floors, serves the best cocktails and drinks and for bonus point purposes: has a pool that overlooks the city skyline.

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