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How to Survive KLFW

Another year and another fashion week is upon us!  Can one really be ready for all the fashion antics, wardrobe malfunctions, and those incredibly long days?  From making an entrance to watching back-to-back shows, this is your complete guide to surviving the madness that is Fashion Week.  Some fashion veterans have shared their insights as to how they stay on top of their game all week long.  If you’re an aspiring model, behind-the-scenes enthusiast, or a rookie attendee, this is the guide for you. 

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Bobbi Brown X Edition KLFW

What’s better than appreciation? Probably makeup. But not just any makeup. How about a makeover that completely transforms your look from drab to fab? Well Edition KLFW successfully combined all these elements into an amazing collaboration with Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Those whom are avid users of the makeup brand would know that Bobbi Brown herself never truly believed in hiding or covering with makeup.

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Malaysian Denim Culture

Denim, once possessing exclusivity and catering to dedicated “denim heads”, now a fabric that has woven its way into all walks of life.  The fabric has played a pivotal role in merging fashion and pop-culture across several decades, from Hollywood Western films, 70’s disco bellbottoms, to complete head-to-toe looks -- courtesy of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

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