SHISEIDO: Beauty Reimagined


When you think of Japan, it’s futuristic landscapes, cherry-blossomed flowers and oriental beauty comes to mind. And with beauty, comes the birth of a revolutionary brand that captures the true essence of the land of the rising sun. Shiseido shares the same beliefs with its origin country where there is underlying meaning in everything, everywhere and everyone. They believe this subtle force is the origin of beauty.


The well-known brand’s skincare and makeup philosophy celebrates this Japanese element of beauty. The range of uniqueness, the power of nature’s active and raw ingredients, and the pleasure of simplicity. Minimalistic yet finely crafted, it depicts the utmost trait of Japanese beauty.

This time, Shiseido is reimagining beauty after over 140 years of defining the concept of fusing science. Since it’s beginning in 1872, they trust that beauty goes deeper than what is visible to the eye - beauty is sensitive to nature, the climate, light and color, all five senses - and the many intricate details of life itself.

Located at KLCC concourse, Shiseido Ginza Tokyo premiers it’s new line of ‘Rediscover’ makeup collection that are newly refined, and gives skincare-inspired textures. Their new formulas are lightweight and lasting infused with bold impactful of colors. Visit them now to get your hands on their latest lip, face, eyes and tools makeup products which ends Tuesday (9th October).

Credit:Zee Zaki

Credit:Zee Zaki