Ozero Swimwear is an eco-brand of premium swimwear. It was founded and is designed by a Russian model Elena Cheurina based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Living and working as a model, mostly in tropical countries, for the past 10 years, Elena got inspired by designers she worked with, how much passion and love they put into their creations. Eventually, she decided to start her own brand suitable for the life in tropics - Ozero Swimwear.
“Ozero” is a transliteration of the Russian word “озеро”, which means “lake” in English. That’s why each swimwear style in the collection got its name from the lakes in Russia and around the world: Baikal, Ladoga, Rotorua, Malawi, etc.

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The second collection is inspired by Russian summer. Elena was born and raised in Russia, but after living in tropical summer for almost 10 years she really misses subtle Russian summer with it’s beautiful awakening of nature. The colors for this collection are more muted and earthy. There are some string details in the designs that are giving the touch of romance. The lookbook for the second collection was shot in the village 4-hours-drive away from Moscow, where the nature is still intact, and you cannot hear any sounds of civilization. Each collection features unique prints designed in collaboration with the artist
Yuliay Yg. 

There is a story behind every collection. The first collection was devoted to a modern art and illustration. The colors are bright and there are some graphic elements in each piece. The inspiration behind the lookbook for that collection were the illustrations by famous Russian illustrator Vladimir Lebedev for the book “The Circus and Other Stories” written by Samuil Marshak .

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All Ozero swimsuits are made from Italian fabrics of high quality and performance, with the use of regenerated Nylon from pre- and post-consumer materials. The brand is trying to avoid use of plastic in their packaging. Even all their bulk production from the factory are delivered in Tapioca bags, which are 100% biodegradable. The factory Ozero Swimwear is working with donates 10% from every bikini made to the foundation that helps to clean oceans.

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Ozero Swimwear pieces are strong, sophisticated and functional. They are for women who want to look beautiful and feminine as well as feel comfortable and empowered.



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