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It’s an era of bold prints or block colours, but lately I’ve grown an admiration for the uses of stripes in fashion. There’s a whole stigma that goes behind wearing stripes that when used wrongly it can either make you look stumpy, fat, and/or short (or horrifyingly all three). Even then, wearing stripes has somehow made itself known as a holiday beach pattern, crowding sundresses and beach clothes.

Yet, after a Bruno Mars binge on Youtube I came across the iconic Finesse Music Video with Cardi B and was awe-struck by the incorporation of stripes into all their outfits. Almost immediately I found myself on Pinterest scrolling through endless pages on stripes in fashion. With names like Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein, and Jacquemus, it hit me that stripes are a lot more classy than what it’s made out to be.

Of course, stripes are incorporated a lot in basics, but there’s way to wear your stripes in a method that screams trendy. So take a look at some of the more affordable stripey fashion trends that you can get here in Malaysia (or if you’re into the more high-end incorporation of your stripes, feel free to check out Balmain and Jean Paul Gaultier for their pieces and collections).

Striped Culottes!
Culottes are a fun way to fancy up any outfit, but striped ones can either make your outfit a more formal or casual one depending on how you use it. Their diverse in use, and range from many different price points. You can check some of the culottes on FashionValet or Zalora for variety in choice:

Single Stripe!
If you don’t want something too stripey, then a single stripe can accent any outfit. It’s no doubt that a single stripe down the side of a pair of pants or on the sleeve of a sweater adds more character to an outfit. Even a large stripe across a shirt works too!

Some options can be seen here:

Block Striped Sweaters! 

 Large, uneven stripes can look wonky if it’s not paired with the right kind of bottoms; but paired with a plain pair of pants and the whole outfit becomes effortless. Never underestimate the use of stripey block colours on anything.

Striped Accessories
If physically wearing stripes is a little too confusing (especially considering how easy it is to go wrong with them), then you can always opt for the easier and smaller things in life: accessories! A striped bag, shoes, earrings, chain, simply anything provides a pop of colour or pattern to a plain outfit.

So go ahead and wear your stripes with pride this holiday season!

Credit:Tasha Raj

Credit:Tasha Raj