Not Fragile by Min Luna x FashionValet

Self-love is easier said than done but at this year’s Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018, Min Luna in collaboration with FashionValet launched her “Not Fragile” collection which brought all of us one step closer to feeling true self-love. The diversity and sheer power emanating from the collection echoes pride from deep within; speaking truth on how body shape, size, age, and difference can and should be celebrated for us all.

The styles and colours that graced the runway at the show resounded one true theme: power. Whether it was an elegant dress, a pant suit, casual tee, or modest-wear, the Min Luna x FashionValet collection had each model showcase and strut the runway with power and strength that represented the unbreakable dynamic of the everyday woman.

KEL_7795 (1).JPG

There is beauty in being reminded to love ourselves, and in finding pieces that truly suit our varying bodies. It almost seems to be too easy to be Too Fat, Too Skinny, Too Tall, or Too Short, but the Not Fragile collection provides pieces that help flatter all women. Even through this, the collection maintains the bold and quirky style of Min Luna herself.“Every time i style someone, I don’t pick the clothes according to trends. I dress them to be the best version of themselves so they can feel good,” said Min Luna.


Undoubtedly, the collection is one to look out for, with sizes ranging from XS to XL. So head on over to FashionValet and view some of the “Not Fragile” Collection being sold here.

Credit: Tasha Raj