Discover A Milky World With NESPRESSO

Introducing Nespresso’s Barista Creations: A New Approach to Milky Coffee 

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We are a world obsessed with the social side of coffee. We arrange to meet friends at coffee shops, we make plans at coffee shops, we even host meetings at coffee shops. They are our go-to ports in a storm, and our sanctuaries when we’re craving caffeine and company. 

People across the globe have taken to the social side of coffee, but what about those of us who crave it xbut lack the equipment or technical know-how to enjoy a Barista worthy cup of joe in the morning? I am not a morning person so I can’t even imagine standing in line every morning at seven a.m. waiting for my cup to grab and go. In the morning, I’m more of what you would call a solitary coffee drinker – alone in my observations, savoring the moment. 

To enjoy that special moment, nothing does it better than a fresh steaming cup of white coffee and this is where I discover a new promise by Nespresso. As three quarters of coffee drinkers globally enjoy a white coffee – Nespresso, the leader in portioned coffee launches its latest blends, expertly crafted specifically to go with milk. In a whole new approach to coffee blending, Nespresso has spent six years studying the interaction between coffee and milk to develop the BARISTA CREATIONS milk coffee range.
Nespresso’s development team experimented with 18 coffee origins from around the world, focusing on the techniques of roasting and grinding, to perfect a milky coffee at home with the Nespresso milk machines.


“The journey to find the perfectly balanced coffee with milk was inspired by professional baristas’ craftsmanship, and by questioning what were our consumers’ expectations and motivation to drink coffee with milk,”

Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso.

“Our Coffee Experts therefore started by consulting consumers and it has been no surprise to learn that consumers do have different preferences and ways of consuming coffee with milk. Only after having gained a thorough understanding of it while taking the diversity of the responses into account did we start to develop our new blends, which are specifically designed to be consumed in white. Our team, comprised of coffee roasters, sensory experts, professional baristas, food scientists and engineers, embarked on this journey of exploring coffee and milk interactions to create the finest coffee blend to be drunk with milk.”  
From 18 different coffee origins, around 20,000 cappuccinos were tested and over 120 coffee prototypes were produced. Through sophisticated trials, the experts pushed the boundaries of roasting and grinding in order to find the key attributes for a coffee blend to be drunk with milk. The result is the new permanent Nespresso coffee range, BARISTA CREATIONS, specifically designed for coffee recipes with milk. 

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BARISTA CREATIONS: The New Permanent Coffee Range

Those looking for bitterness, acidity, body, bold flavour and aromas in their cup of coffee with milk can find it all in Nespresso’s BARISTA CREATIONS range. To match every taste, each creation has been developed for its unique alchemy with milk. From a small cortado to larger cappuccinos, a variety of recipes can be created from each one.  The range is available in Original capsule system and has been extensively tested to ensure they create the perfect milk recipe for every taste. They can also be paired with plant-based milk alternatives, such as oat or soya milks. So, every coffee enthusiast can now express their creativity and become their own at home barista.

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Find out more about the Nespresso Discover a Milky World Campaign at the Nespresso Boutique at The Gardens Mall (1st Floor), the Nespresso Pop-Up store at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing Centre Court) and Gurney Paragon Penang (Ground Floor), as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centre at 1800 80 7001 and online at Nespresso Website exclusively in Malaysia.