The Nespresso Master Origin Collection

Can you really call yourself a coffee lover or expert when you have yet to taste them from different lands? Imagine five amazing landscapes come together with five specialized processes with local farming experts and you get the new Master Origin Collection from Nespresso which features five different coffee experience all inspired by the lands.

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The Nespresso coffee experts traveled the world to discover the finest coffee sourcing regions, from the forested mountains of Sumatra through to the highland vales of Nicaragua. Within five selected regions that is Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua, and Colombia, Nespresso formed a lasting partnership with the local farming experts went on a mission to test groundbreaking and demanding farming practices, all with the aim of creating marvelous new coffee aroma and tastes.

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Nespresso Master Origin_Nicaragua.png

Curious to know how these amazing caffeines from different lands taste like? Well Nespresso has gathered all coffee lovers to taste the respective countries’ unique craftsmanship at Main Concourse, KLCC. Visitors had the opportunity to taste the new flavours of the Master Origin Collection while discovering the culture and native home of the coffees with the respective master artisans.

Credit:Zee Zaki

Credit:Zee Zaki