MAQILLA, Malaysian Designer Transported Us Back In Time At Gaya Koleksi Raya 2019


By reminding us what Hari Raya is all about, the founder and designer of MAQILLA, Nur Aqilah bt Khalil, debuted her second and most nostalgic Raya collection at Gaya Koleksi Raya 2019. From the delights of Venice, Italy, to the soulful streets of Marrakech, Morocco, this Melbourne-raised designer did not hold back when it comes to her brand. “This year, our Raya campaign is a continuance from our #QillaRaya2018 campaign so that the lost feel resumes in search of finding herself as her longing for that something had made her journeyed everywhere,” said Aqilah.

The need to accentuate and exhibit the ‘Melayu lama’  (old Malay) feel was what the rookie designer wanted to convey in her campaign this year as it was notably obvious that her silhouette’s collection and look were skewing more towards the old classic Malayness. “From selecting the location, makeup looks, mood and tone of the campaign pictures and videos, and most importantly the song choice which was a collective effort from the whole Maqilla team – which led to #MaqillaTakesMarrakech. “However, once we set our eyes on Marrakech for our location, I knew I wanted to continue the whole mystiqueness and I had at that time NJWAʼs Seri Mersing song playing in my iTunes’ playlist. 
“And thankfully, working alongside Tinibibbaby for few years now, I know that on set she will always take a moment  to get in character and coincidently the song came up and immediately, she just got in character; every pose and move she did was so in line with the tune that we had it on repeat throughout our shoot there – even our Marrakech driver loved it too,” she shared.

Previously, Aqilah had Tinibibbaby to be her muse for #QillaRaya2018 so without a doubt, Working with her was a breeze, explained the designer, and the team was always on the tip of their toes knowing that every move she made when she donned #QillaRaya2019 is a moment not to be missed as she not only gives you the exact pose you need but she had immersed herself into the character, mood and vibe of every piece of Maqilla’s collection.

“Tinie will always ask me what fabric and design kurung before wearing it. She made the collection she donned looking very comfortable and that is what we love most about her because she takes the time to understand our whole ‘basic’ concept,” she further relayed. As a designer, Aqilah personally felt it is the right time to go back to Maqillaʼs forte in which “less is always more” and “the basics” are always an essential in each and everyoneʼs gerobok (wardrobe) during the Raya season.

Purchases can be made online at Maqilla Website or Instagram account selection. You can also visit their physical store at 202A, Jalan Pahang, Pekeliling, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.Maqilla was founded by Nur Aqilah bt Khalil in 2015 after observing the trends and experimenting with styles, Maqilla began exploring the ready-to-wear Basics fashion.The combination of Aqilah’s Malay-centric collection, song choice, and video campaign location had brought a certain Middle Eastern but familiar mood to the audiences who came to support and witness her collection at the Gaya Koleksi Raya on 13 April 2019 at Publika.

Which then brings us to Abdul Samad Al Qurashi’s (ASQ) distinctive fragrance line. The results of his life-long passion of creating the most amazing fragrances using the finest ingredients makes it well worthy to visit an Abdul Samad Al Qurashi boutique for a whiff of their oils. As one of the main sponsors for GKR2019, guests of the show were able to relish in a truly Arabian experience with their blends that contains musk and Taif rose extract; an extremely rare and valuable ingredient originating in Saudi Arabia.

IMG_0004 (1).jpg

One of the more standout fragrances that have captivated both men and women alike is Safari by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi; a unisex oriental fragrance that features agarwood (oud), jasmine, vanilla absolute, seaweed, pine, ylang-ylang, tea leaf, musk, white woods, wildflowers and spicy notes.
The ASQ name is now synonymous with heady aromas that capture the essence of Arabia and their first Abdul Samal Al Qurashi Boutique at Melawati Mall  offers a wide range of perfumes and incense including old Indian Oud Oil, pure Oud Oil, Dohn Al Oud Al Mebakhar, bakhaur Al Oud, Oud El Meawia, Al Hajar Al Aswad Khaltat, Occasion perfumes, Al Rawdha, Rooh Al Ward Al Taifi and Khaltal Al Kurashi perfumes.
You can read more about The Story of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi on Edition KLFW here.