LUSH-ious Holiday Christmas Gifts


It’s almost Christmas! Just another 26 days to Christmas and looking at the Christmas Decorations crowding malls and stores fill me with a warmth no other event can ever achieve. The best part about The Holiday season is -- you got it -- the christmas themed gifts!

With Lush’s recent opening at Pavilion KL, it caused a huge hype over the luxurious creators of the bath bomb. Yet, Lush has brought itself back to the forefront of our focus because they have the absolute cutest christmas gifts to buy for a friend (or for yourself, there’s no judgement in self-gifting).

Just check out their handmade festive favourites! Better yet, each of them are unique and no one the same solely due to its handmade production. What’s even more fun about it is their wonderful packaging. Since Lush is going naked they have interesting prints for their packaging that will take your breath away! Interesting and unique prints will be sure to make your gift wrapping stand out under your christmas tree. So make sure to drop by at the only Lush Store open at Pavilion KL to check out their jolly Christmas Items!

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj