Is Skinny Jeans a Men’s Forgotten Era?

" Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you "

Yes. You are on the right article. Yes. That is also Elvis Presley’s track that refuses to die until the 21st century – perhaps for more centuries to come. Believe it or not, the king of rock n’ roll helped skinny jeans to represent both genders and sex appeal when he started donning them in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Does his influence on the success of skinny jeans supports the fashion trend survive until today just like his song did? Or has skinny jeans’ era been forgotten for men?

Skinny jeans is a tight-fitting jeans that wraps around your legs - skinny or not. It was popularised by women first and the fashion trend spreads among all genders and sexes. Out in the scene in the 19’s, skinny jeans’ presence stays until today.


Take a look outside of your window, on the street, you will see at least one guy and two girls wearing skinny jeans. The most common piece paired with skinny jeans is a plain T-shirt, tucked in and finished with a leather belt. But does this work for everyone now? Perhaps but not necessarily.


“Skinny jeans is one of the most popular items of men’s clothing and a must have!,” confirms Haikal Hazman, a talented Malaysian model. According to him, skinny jeans contributes to both style and proportion especially for skinny guys whereas bigger guys are better off with slim fits.

The majority of Asian guys are blessed with skinny legs and they are naturally smaller in size as compared to our European friends. Skinny jeans somehow comes to rescue to save those skinny legs as they fit easily on them. Knowing this fact, fashion designers are adapting other jeans’ cuts to the Asian men’s size so they have a broader choice. This also means that men can now opt out of skinny jeans right? Scroll up!

“Skinny jeans is a great tool to achieve minimalist style to match the in-trend frame and it also goes well with baggy tops,” Haikal adds, winking at the camera. Haikal has a point but the latest Calvin Klein Spring 2018 Campaign shows that slim fits and tapered pants both have their seats in the minimalism venue. The vast selection of jeans in store at the moment somehow pushes skinny jeans to the back of the rack. Gucci has also launched their Gucci Resort 2018 collection featuring straight cuts jeans worn in different style — flexing versatility. We are showered with selections of skinny jeans to kick off our daily slay. “They are effortlessly versatile to be styled with almost anything but with other trends dropping in to the fashion court, skinny jeans trend is a gamble,” says Fikri Afif, a local fashion illustrator whose artworks recognised by brands like ELLE Malaysia, FashionValet and more.


“As far as I can see, skinny jeans are still hanging on the rails and possibly be rolling out of scene in a couple of years,” Fikri adds right after a sip of calming sencha. “I used to wear skinny jeans often but I discovered that other type of jeans can also pull of the same trick aka look I desire,” explains Fikri Afif.

Sorry Elvis Presley but the verdict is in and everyone can’t help falling in love with slim fits and tapered pants too. Hands down to our fashion designers to make it possible for us to rock any kind of jeans! So, grab your slim fits and wear it with pride!Think differently? Let me know your thought @fumeelee

Credit: Fumee Lee