As promised, we got some of the members of Edition KLFW to pass along some of their favourite or most gruesome horror movies for this thrilling month of halloween. So why not take a gander at some of these must-watch horror thriller shows!

 Kory Tung, Editor-in-Chief
I would have to say “It Follows.” The name’s a little strange, but the main story is about a curse that’s passed around through sexual intercourse. Perhaps it’s a more horrific viewpoint to STD’s but I admire the dedication and structure of the storyline. You can watch the trailer for more.


Zeezaki, Digital Content Writer
For me it would be the 1960’s Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. You can never go wrong with a classic and that movie gave a headstart for all thriller and horror movie directors and producers. The famous scene of the continuous spiral shot of the women in the bathroom sparked an eerie feeling in me as I kept wondering if she was really dead or will she suddenly blink.


Tasha Raj, Communications & Writer
I’ve never been a horror buff yet somehow The Conjuring made its way into my top ten list of must watch movies. There’s something about the mother’s possession and the jump scares that get to me more than other forms of horror. But generally, I think I love it most because I’m not a fan of gore which is something that almost all horror movies have.


Najah, Contributing Writer
I would fully no doubt 100% recommend everyone to watch Orphan (2009) the movie this Halloween! Until today, I still can’t rewatch this film simply because it terrified me that much. Something about psychological horror, it just makes everything so plausible.


Fumee Lee, Contributing Writer
As Above So Below is a must watch horror movie if you haven’t already. We all know Paris is all romance but have you ever wondered what’s beneath the tres chic streets? Above is macaroons and fromage. Now it’s your turn to discover another side of the love city”


 Praseetha, Contributing Writer

Fave horror movie would definitely be The Quiet Place. Apart from the awesome cinematic experience of sitting in a cinema full of people in silence, it was also inclusive and showed how valuable sign language is.


We all have a major no-no and a hell yes horror show in mind to go back to, but if you’re feeling like something new: take a look at some of our movies suggested here. Not a fan? Let us know some of your favourite horror shows in the comments below!

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj