And Another Hooded Sweatshirt

Over time, hoodies have evolved from being a practical and functional garment worn by laborers, to the staple Champion hoodie during tertiary education up to varsity college attire, and your favorite sports team. Today, it has elevated to a fashionable statement-streetwear-athleisure piece made popular through pop culture.


As for me, it’s a mixture of affordability, functionality and the self-expression of my personal style heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture. Wearing hoodies are meant for comfort, and not to be worn under a 30 degrees heat with 79% humidity. However, on a rainy gloomy day in Kuala Lumpur and 8 hours later in an airconditioned environment, the office; I sit in a cocoon typing away with every keystroke.

While online “window shopping” during office hours, I came across the following hoodies for under RM500 that represents my style for fitness related activities to my personal streetwear-weekend-go-to layer style. Winter is coming! Or should I say, Christmas is coming! Be sure to take note of my list, as I expect Christmas presents, emphasis on the ‘s’; this year. You may get in touch with the Edition KLFW team for my mailing address.

Credit: Reza Ramli

Credit: Reza Ramli


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