Getting Back In Shape For The New Year


The thing about holidays and vacations is that you’re meant to vacate your life and daily routines and explore or celebrate cultures and activities together. I mean that’s why it’s called a vacation. That being said, none of us pass judgement on any of you for pigging out over the holidays -- Malaysia is all about food, so you can be sure that over the Christmas / New Year season, we’re all (myself included) stuffing our faces with the unhealthiest yet gloriously delicious holiday foods.

But with the new year looming in, resolutions piling up, pot-belly bulging -- we’ll start to slowly but surely regret all the extra meals and naps we’ve taken over the two weeks.

Dont worry! At Edition, we’ve always got you covered. Let us share with you some of the best ways to bounce back into a healthier and routine life -- bringing back the best you for 2019.

Roast turkey and beef, stuffed duck, cheese fondue, ayam rendang,... the list goes on and on. Fattening albeit delicious. All these sudden extra carbs, fats and oils are sure to bring you a slightly bigger tum and push the hand of your scale a little over the usual average. It’s important to remember that that’s okay. You get to do this once a year, so why not let it be a year end holiday? It’s easy enough to bounce back, beginning first with a detox drink.



2 cups of Fresh Papaya (cleansing and natural laxative properties)

½ a cucumber (for hydration)

1 ½ stalks of celery (anti-inflammatory and fibre content)

½ grapefruit (eliminates stored fat)

Small piece of ginger (increases metabolism)

½ peeled lime (alkalising our body)

1 ½ cups of green tea

Blend all of these together and you’ll have yourself the ultimate  detox juice (although we must say there are varied opinions on whether or not it tasted good, at least it does the job). All the ingredients work together to help reduce bloating and cleanse your digestive system so that you can at least go back to feeling better and more energised to begin a new year.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to make the detox drink -- we get that too. Drop by your nearest Boost Juice, La Juiceria, or Juice Works. They have a diverse menu that will tell you different kinds of detox drinks that can help with the same situation (plus it’s less effort to make).

image (1).png

I know most of the time, you don’t want to -- but it’s important to combine all of this with at least a 10 minute workout. You may not think 10 minutes does much, but it can actually do a lot more than just sitting still. 


 10 minute exercise
Cassey Ho is a youtuber that does a lot of workout pilates videos that are super effective. Here’s one of her older videos from when she was at Pilates Bootcamp. They’re simple but effective bloat workouts you can do anytime you’re free to.


Join an exercise class

 If you don’t have the discipline to consistently keep  up a workout (I’m like this, so no judgement here), then another option would be to join a class. Paying for the class is good enough motivation for us to take the effort in actually attending and finishing these classes. Simple classes like spin cycle, boxing, a gym membership, etc., all contributes to a more active lifestyle that can help you bounce back from that lethargic post-holiday feeling.

Keep this article in mind or come back and search it when you’re ready and done with the new year. At least it will make you feel better for all the binge-eating you’re going to do.
Happy holidays, everyone!

"If none of the above seems like an exciting enough option for you, then there are some amazing classes you can join to get that adrenaline pumping and those calories burning. Check out fun and intense exercise classes like Evolvr , F45 , Fly Cycle classes, and lots more online! “ 

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj