Ella, Malaysia’s Rock N Roll Queen In Showpieces By Local Designers

Outfit:    Afiq M   , Stylist:    Jiman Casablancas

Outfit: Afiq M, Stylist: Jiman Casablancas

When Ella, Malaysia’s reigning Rock n Roll Queen, decided to hire Jiman Casablancas of Tarik Jeans as stylist for her much anticipated return
to the stage with Ella Unplugged in KL, there were three things that were made clear by parties from the very beginning – (i) everything needs to be elevated. In short, it need to kick ass (ii) that she would be layered in mostly black items, and (iii) that she would only wear pieces by homegrown designers.

Outfit:    Ezzati Amira

Outfit: Ezzati Amira

Outfit:    Kitwoo

Outfit: Kitwoo

Outfit:    Joe Chia

Outfit: Joe Chia

Armed with his punk aesthetics, Jiman rallied five of Malaysia’s best designers, Kit Woo, Ezzati Amira, Syomirizwa Gupta, Joe Chia and Afiq M to help him with the  looks  for  the  three  nights  sold-­‐out  concert  held  at  Istana  Budaya,  Kuala Lumpur recently. Segmented into three parts, PEACE – Unplugged, LOVE – Traditional and RINDU – Rock n Roll, the pieces runs the gamut from an opera coat, Vivienne Westwood’s Victorian-­‐inspired Kebayas, an oversized puff warrior jacket, a Kimono top and lots of glittered fringes for a jolt of visual effect. Local jeweler, Behati provided the finishing touches with their unique brooches. As much  as  Ella  is  known  to  belt  out  her  rich  repertoire  of  karaoke-­‐friendly  hits from back in the 80s when she was the frontwoman of Ella & The Boys, and setting the stage on fire with her antics, this time around, there was the runway worthy fashion to look forward to.

Outfit:    syomirgupta

Outfit: syomirgupta

Outfit:    syomirgupta    &    Behati

To  assist  him,  Jiman  has  roped  in  Malaysia’s  make-­‐up  maestro,  Khir  Khalid, notorious  for  his  dramatic  editorial  work.  Ella’s  transition  from  a  T-­‐shirt  and jeans female rocker into a hijab-­‐wearing glam rock goddess was made complete with the genius of Naz, the hijab  stylist  who  customised  each  hijab  to  complement the looks decided by Jiman.
Long live the Queen!
Photos by Shafiq Shahar and Brader Nizam.