Unveil The Secret To A Perfect MakeUp Base

Edition KLFW Shows You How To Apply Color Correctors Like a Pro

Makeup has become one of the greater needs for most women as part of their daily beauty arsenal. Most women seek for long lasting makeup with high coverage to cover their blemishes, however it is essential to first have the right makeup base to prep the skin before putting on foundation to smoothen the skin texture.
In order to offer a new solution for makeup base that is suitable for Asian women, LANEIGE introduces its NEW Skin Veil Base SPF 23 PA++


Formulated with color technology, LANEIGE’s NEW Skin Veil Base is able to correct and improve the yellow skin tone of Asian women inside out to create clear and bright skin. LANEIGE Skin Veil Base SPF 23 PA++ is available in three shades:


Color correction is nothing new in the makeup industry. With the increasing accessibility of professional makeup products, the idea has finally sunk in with the general public. So how do these differently colored primers and concealers work? Do I need to be a painter to understand the theories behind them? Fret not, I’m here to explain!

The Color Wheel


Color correction does have to do with color theory. Remember the color wheel you learned in art class? It sets the premise of color correction. As you probably know, these three-color pairings cancel each other out: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. But that’s not enough. You also need to be aware of the brightness of your skin. For instance, pastel colors probably don’t work on ebony skin, while peach and orange may be too dark for fair skin.


What Each Color is For?

Each color has a specific skin imperfection that it is best suited to conceal. In general:
 is best for concealing dark circles and dull complexion on fair skin.
Peach is best for concealing dark circles and dull complexion on medium skin.
Orange is best for concealing dark circles and dull complexion on dark skin. It can also be used as a bronzer under the cheeks, at the temples and along the jawline for medium skin.
Mint is best for covering redness such as blemishes and broken capillaries on all skin tones. It can also be used to highlight the T-zone, cheeks and chin for dark skin.
Blue/Lilac is best for highlighting the T-zone, cheeks and chin and cancelling sallowness on all skin tones.
Yellow is best for camouflaging bruises and veins on all skin tones. It can also be used to even the complexion for medium skin.

How to Apply:


1. Dab a small amount of pink/peach/orange to under-eye circles.
2. Add green to redness and blemishes.
3. Add purple to dull areas around lips and where highlight is needed.
4. Finish by tapping with a puff for a seamless, natural finish.

You can also use your fingertip to blend the colors with your own skin tone. The warmth from your fingertip helps melt the color corrector for a more natural look.
Color correctors are available in various forms, from primers and sticks to cushion compacts and multi-colored shadow palettes. LANEIGE’s NEW Skin Veil Base SPF 23 PA++ acts as a makeup base with a Dual Calibration System that corrects the skin tone and improve yellow skin tone categories of Asian women including redness, dullness and darkness. With the upgraded color correcting technology of yellow calibration, LANEIGE Skin Veil Base SPF 23 PA++ neutralizes different yellow skin tones and for a brighter and clearer skin tone. 


Aside from color correcting yellow skin tone, LANEIGE’s NEW Skin Veil Base SPF 23 PA++ has added skincare attributes as it offers rich vitamin calibration to the skin that helps brighten the skin from the inside to achieve double skin color correcting effect from within. Containing Acai Berry and Acerola, which are also known as Superberry extract, LANEIGE’s NEW Skin Veil Base offers strong anti-oxidant effect which is 4 times stronger than Vitamin C. It helps to minimize skin dullness by reducing skin fatigue and restores restfulness back into the skin, which naturally creates a clear and bright complexion of the skin. If you are new to color corrective products, take your time and find the ones that suit you best, and only apply on areas where they’re needed!