Dove Malaysia Redefines the Standard of Beauty with Project #ShowUs

 Dove announced its global partnership with Getty Images and Girlgaze to initiate Project #ShowUs earlier this year. Created to shatter beauty stereotypes, Project #ShowUs is the largest stock photo library created by women, hosting over 5,000 images globally that redefine beauty and provide realistic representation. The photos from the Project #ShowUs library are available for media and advertising platforms to view, license and use for projects and campaigns.With Project #ShowUs making its way to local waters, Dove Malaysia aims to be the voice that leads the empowerment of a diverse representation of women in media and advertising platforms. Because 70% of women worldwide don’t feel represented in media and advertising, #ShowUs is a campaign that champions the importance of needing diverse representation in imagery. By providing stock images featuring individuals from 39 countries and counting that have not been digitally manipulated, Project #ShowUs is well on its way to putting an end to the narrow definition of beauty that has been upheld by the world.


 In one of Dove’s largest global research studies, it was found that 67% of women are actively calling for brands to step up and be responsible for the type of stock imagery used in campaigns and advertisements. Search terms involving realness, diversity and strength have increased drastically over the past year on Getty Images, with the term “real people” increasing by 192%, “diverse women” by 168%, and strong women by 187%. This increase exhibits clear evidence of the need and demand for more realistic portrayals of women and beauty. The portrayal of women in progressive and empowering roles has seen a significant increase as well, with search terms for “women leaders” increasing by 202%.


“Dove understands the impact unrealistic images of

beauty can have on a women’s body confidence and their subsequent ability to reach their full potential.

For over 60 years, we have believed in liberating women from narrow beauty ideals and have showcased

beauty diversity in our advertising. However, this is not enough, and we cannot make the systemic

change we need alone.”

Sophia Galvani, Global Vice President, Dove

 With this in mind, Sophia adds “Hence Project #ShowUs – we have spent over a year creating the world’s largest image bank of over 5000 beauty images breaking beauty stereotypes, and we are now inviting media and advertisers to license the images and join us to take real tangible action. The images have been created and self-tagged by women themselves and as well as asking media and advertisers to licence them for their upcoming projects, we are also offering women around the world the opportunity to become part of the change and add their images to the library.”
In Malaysia itself, there is an increasing demand for local women to be more diversely and realistically represented by media and advertising platforms to include more women with different skin tones, hair types, and physical appearances. As such, with the belief that it is high time Malaysian women are represented and portrayed realistically, and determined to break the mould that currently defines beauty standards, Dove Malaysia decided to introduce Project #ShowUs to Malaysia.
In support of Project #ShowUs, Dove Malaysia has partnered up with Guardian Malaysia to feature real beauty in their mailers that will showcase the aesthetic of Malaysian women with no digital distortion.
Through this collaboration, Dove Malaysia and Guardian Malaysia are working hand-in-hand to include images from the photo library of Project #ShowUs in the mailer of Guardian Malaysia, which is in line with the global plans to feature a more realistic portrayal and diverse representation of women in the world. Selected Guardian Malaysia stores will also feature a pop-up photobooth to encourage Malaysian women to participate in this global campaign.


Grace , A Writer & Body Positive Advocate

Grace , A Writer & Body Positive Advocate

Parissah, Educator & Researcher

Parissah, Educator & Researcher

Evgeniya, Psychologist & Yoga Instructor

Evgeniya, Psychologist & Yoga Instructor

 Chloe Meng, Senior Brand Manager of Dove Malaysia, comments “As a brand that champions real beauty, we felt that Project #ShowUs is an initiative that is capable of pushing us forward towards celebrating diversity and eliminating the narrow beauty stereotypes imposed on women in Malaysia. For generations, many women have been excluded when it comes to being portrayed by the media and advertising platforms. The lack of representation in media and advertising is capable of affecting the self-esteem of women who are under represented, making them feel as if they do not fit in, simply because they do not fit the beauty stereotypes that are depicted in movies, commercials, and billboards that are constantly surrounding them. Project #ShowUs aims to eliminate this issue by providing media and advertising platforms with a multitude of images that exhibit real and diverse women, ensuring that all women are properly represented and included.”
 Created in partnership with Getty Images - one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of imagery, and Girlgaze - a network of 200,000 diverse female creatives from around the world, this ground-breaking library of images aims to celebrate a more diverse and inclusive portrayal of beauty. Dove calls upon media and advertising platforms to join them in their effort to redefine how women are represented in the images that they see around them every day.
Speaking about Project #ShowUs, the founder and CEO of Girlgaze, Amanda de Cadenet says “Girlgaze was born out of a need to center the female perspective and secure paid jobs for women, regardless of their race or physical appearance. Project #ShowUs is a game changing initiative, as we know when there’s more diversity behind the lens, there is more diversity in front of it. Generated through our jobs platform; the Girlgaze Network, by our global community of diverse women, we are proud to have hired over 300 creatives to create images that truthfully depict female beauty—and in doing so, are also one step closer to closing the gender gap and centering inclusive beauty.”

 How to get involved?

Women around the world – #ShowUs more women like you. Want to help expand the definition of beauty? Join us at to share your images and you could become part of the Project #ShowUs photo library. Project #ShowUs is part of Unilever’s commitment to UN Women’s Unstereotype Alliance – a cross-industry global initiative which uses the power of  advertising and media to free the world from harmful stereotypes that hold back people and society. For More stories Visit Dove Website Here.