Chaos Hotel: A City-Hidden Escape


When one mentions ‘getaway’, it is often more than not to think of sandy beaches and lush green treetops whilst relaxing your mind away. You’ve spent too much time in the city, so it’s time to get away from that. Away from the endless honking of selfish Malaysian drivers and unpredictable weathers from sunny in the morning to raining cats and dogs at night.


We’ve all been there. But here’s the problem - budget. While stretching that last few hundreds at the end of the month for household necessities, you also want to try and save a couple of bucks for a short trip. What if I could convince you that the getaway you’re looking for lies within the city you live in?
I was personally intrigued at the thought of going on a getaway in the same city I try to escape from, hence, I was looking forward for my trip to Chaos Hotel. Boutique hotels are the “in-thing” for millenials who are looking for an alternative vacation without paying the high fee of services and 5-star treatment. Simply said, a hotel with a quirky vibe unlike high end 5-star hotels and rates that won’t burn holes in pockets. Chaos Hotel falls under the boutique hotel category as it is a small hotel that offers between 10 to 100 rooms in unique settings with upscale accommodations and individualized unique selling points. Every boutique hotel is different than the other with its own personal twist much like Chaos where the first thing you’ll see as you approach are sketches and murals of buildings on its walls.


Going into Bukit Bintang I was feeling sceptical as to how could I relax in one of the busiest and noisiest tourist spots in the city. It’s a miracle to even be able to find parking in the area, let alone stay in it. Google Maps pointed me to a corner slightly inside of the Bukit Bintang street and I was happy at the sight of the hotel being less than 5 minutes of walking distance to Pavilion, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88 and the MRT line. Talk about convenience. My first sight was a well-built wooden corner building against several green plants just right by the street. As I entered the hotel, the lobby exudes an industrial sogo warehouse feel as the registration table is done by just concrete and the walls are properly plastered bricks of red.

But what caught my attention was what’s beside the reception. It was a separate glass-windowed lobby lounge that’s decorated with a unique mural of the hotel’s landscape. The lounge is also equipped with a desktop for guests to log on and check flight and check in details. A comfortable space I must say while waiting for your rooms to be ready. The hotel staffs were helpful, friendly and quick to process my information and I was then directed to a life behind me to my room on the 4th floor.


As I reached my room at the end of the hotel floor, I was welcomed with swan-folded towels on the queen-size bed as well as twinkling lights on the wall. A rather unconventional welcoming I would say, but that’s what made it so unique. The first thing I noticed was again, a bright mural painting of plant motifs in yellow and green on the cemented wall. How creative I thought! Instead of hanging framed photos, why not paint on them which gives each room its own personal sense of style.

The room is equipped with the essential tv on the wall, complimentary drinks and so forth. Before coming to the hotel, I did some research and survey on the rooms provided. It was stated that some rooms have windows and some don’t. So those whom are claustrophobic, I’d suggest to get the bigger room with windows as it may get a little tight in the room. The view I had was overlooking the hotel across which to my surprise was not really noisy or busy despite being a Saturday,
It is understandable that boutique hotels may not offer the biggest rooms but that’s what separates it from a normal resort or hotel. Just a few steps and then I found myself in it’s bathroom that has a rain shower - my personal favorite. Although the only comment I would give is that the door is too close to the sink hence you would have a little difficulty opening and closing when you’re inside as you have to give space.

The inspiration behind Chaos Hotel was repurposing a five-storey old building and the owner, Mr Tham and partners, decided to take a chance of re-building an interior wall from scratch to design a space by using raw construction materials and incorporating as much greeneries and doodles as possible to add more life to the building. Straying away from the polished commercial look of most Bukit Bintang lots, it was more about creating a place of natural and organic authenticity in the heart of town. Simply put - the design of the hotel is organic, raw and fun and it is all thanks to Chaos Creative, an architecture and interior design firm led by Mr. David - the mastermind behind it all. Hence, Chaos Hotel.


After some freshening up, I head out to the vibrant, busy streets of Bukit Bintang to play tourist in my own country. Shopping malls are just a few blocks away by foot and you won’t need to worry about food shortage because everything is there! You have overpriced local delicacies on Jalan Alor, Japanese delights in the iSetan Japan Store, refreshing coffee next door at Starbucks and if you’re into Middle Eastern, be ready for a whole stretch of them just by the MRT station.

As I head back to my room after dinner in Lot 10 with some friends, the street where the hotel is located seems to turn quiet and calm after 10pm. You would expect foreigners flooding the streets and car noises like how it was during the day but to my surprise, it wasn’t like it at all. In fact, to the point where I thought the windows might be soundproof - no exaggeration.

You won’t have to worry about wifi at this place as each floor is assigned separately and speed is moderately fast. I changed into my matching Uniqlo pyjamas and watched Black Panther which was playing on HBO. A good weekend night to just “Netflix and chill” or in this case “HBO and chill”. I then fell deep asleep in their comfortable plush pillows to wake up the next morning for check out at 12pm.


For my one night stay at the hotel, they do not serve complimentary breakfast hence you would have to go out. But don’t fret, you would not have any trouble looking for places as you’re literally surrounded by them. So you can just pick one and do more tourist activities after. The checkout process was smooth and quick and I had the chance to head downstairs where they had a bigger lounging area for anyone who wants to chill longer.

Simply put, Chaos Hotel offers comfort at an affordable price for a short getaway in the city. A one night stay was good enough for me to roam around the streets of Bukit Bintang and KL hence Edition KLFW gives it a 4 star rating over 5! To book rooms and find out more about Chaos Hotel visit Chaos Hotel Website.

Thank you Chaos Hotel, we’ll be sure to visit again soon.

Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki