Bringing Back 90s Style

The '90s were a revolutionary decade for fashion, and whether you loved or hated denim overalls, Adidas slides, or spaghetti-strap crop tops, many trends are making a comeback and are here to stay.


90’s fashion was anything but boring. Now, whether it’s in stores, on the streets or even on the runway, these trends are reappearing. Fashion statements that were considered not much to look at, are making a debut again decades later once again in bright, fun and vibrant colors. The 90s saw a birth of rebellious style as well as a rise in streetwear and sneaker culture. When it came to sneakers, the rule was, the brighter, the better.

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Chunky platforms, cropped tops and pops of color were the way to make a statement. JD Sports is bringing these looks back because just like these trends, you too can make a comeback in style.


Check out some of the trending 90s styles that you can get right now at the JD Flagship Store at JD Pavilion Elite and

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