Bridal Ready Skin And Love Letters

They say the best time to prep your skin for your big day is at least 3 months prior to your date which means that’s 90 days of consistent skincare routine to look your best bridal beauty! On top of wedding dresses, bridesmaids, table settings, catering and guests, the bride also has to worry about taking care of her skin because we all know wedding photos last forever (unless you’ve been married more than once).


This year at The Wedding KL 2019 saw beautiful models walking down the runway in various bridal gowns of different trains and color as well as different makeup looks that suit each designer’s collection. He calls himself ‘Malaysia’s Best Seamstress’ and is known for his vocal opinions on social media, Ezuwan Ismail showcased his bridal collection titled ‘Love Letters’ that features traditional Malay cuttings and silhouettes with a modern and minimalist twist. The collection features baju kebayas, baju kurung pahang, mermaid trains and princess dresses of which he says “can be worn during one’s akad nikah or even wear it to a Raya openhouse: both works!”. Aside from the conventional bridal white material, Ezuwan also played around with pastel favorite colors like baby blue, blush pink and brown nudes that’s easy and pretty to match for any type of event.


Designer Ezuwan Ismail During The Finale


 In order to complete the entire look, The Wedding KL’s official skincare partner, Meeracle, is the brand responsible for the model’s glowing and flawless skin thanks to their best selling Facial Gemstone Serum that is the first serum in Asia that uses gemstone extract or “gemstone formula” as the main ingredient. This serum helps even skin tones, gives luminosity and radiance and protects the skin from harmful UV radiations. No matter what makeup look you’re going for, it is so important to have the best and healthiest base that is your skin hence be sure to get yourself a bottle of Meeracle’s Facial Gemstone Serum through your trusted stockist now.


Visit Meeracle’s Website for more information and see more of Ezuwan Ismail Bridal Collection Here!

Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki

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