Rays of light glimmer between your shut eyes to awaken you from your well-rested (finally) full 8 hours of sleep. The weekend is the time you look forward to the most, but you also wish you can feel fresh and hydrated during the long weekdays. You soak in the natural Vitamin D and waltz your way to start your morning skincare routine. Dr. Joseph Jullien, an army doctor in 1952, was on a quest for a healing remedy. He then found the secret of the Healing Fountain, which is a legendary source of the French Pyrenees, where Roman warriors went to heal their wounds. Life Plankton is regenerating micro-organism that has the ability to stimulate skin regeneration.

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 Infused through a state of the art bio-fermentation process to concentrate 400 times more vs its natural living area. Biotherm’s New Life Plankton Clear Essence aims to recreate the fountain of youth within their bottle of fundamental skin renewing treatment. Start your skincare right without worrying about aging with the newly formulated Clear Essence in the morning that lasts till night. It will retain moisture in your skin making it feel soft, plumped and like a newborn - featherly smooth.



The 8 benefits of life plankton or scientific proof that has been studied - skin looks and feel younger as it reduces signs of aging by 80%, clearer skin with skin cell oxidation by 30%, re-balanced skin from induces of antibacterial defenders, smoother skin, more hydrated skin, protective skin barrier with the plankton stimulating skin’s defense system, increases skin firmness and reduces skin sensitivity. Life Plankton is at the core of all Biotherm products.


It’s found in its highest concentration in Life Plankton Clear Essence for a newborn-like skin in 8 days, whatever your age and skin’s condition and skin tone concern. In 28 days, Asian women feel that their skin is*: 89% younger, 92% regenerated, 93% more even, and 95% clearer. Head to Pavilion KL to get yourself free samples of the NEW Life Plankton Clear Essence as well as their latest range of skincare products alongside promotions that ends this Sunday (14th Oct).

Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki