Behati Backyard’s Bugs Revealed!

What happens when beetle and bee hang out? They buzz so loud attracting other creatures to come and join them! On November 2, 2018, Behati showcased their new collection of brooch at the rooftop of MouTou KL. In collaboration with renowned Malaysian fashion designers Hatta Dolmat and Kittie Yiyi, the new collection features Hatta’s signature beetle and Kittie’s signature bee both come in dazzling golden.


 “My beetles are brought to life as an accessory for the first time and I couldn’t be happier,” says Hatta when asked how he feels towards the collaboration. Kittie strings the hearts of the crowd when she explains why her bee is plated golden. “Gold is glamorous and as a gift, it is deemed classic. Something as precious and classical shall be kept forever and so do my brooches.”

Azim Mahyudin.jpg

 The event gathered photographers and artists to present their personal visual perspectives on Behati brooches. “Behati Backyard included more than 30 artists and this was an overwhelming experience for all of us as a strong independent artist,” says Behati, happy to have collaborated with Malaysian artists and photographers who contribute amazing work for the event to happen successfully.


“I went for Brain Dead which represents the mentality of most fashion goers who focus more on how they look than how it makes sense,” answers Eric Loo, one of the photographer when asked about the concept he was going for. Also on that soirée, Azim Mahyuddin adds “my visuals are all about a powerful desire for brooches to fit my concept Behati Is A Craving.”


I adore this insect’s collection by Behati as much as their en tremblant-like brooches. The ancient trend is back in the game and I love it! “Reviving the brooches and making them hip again is a cool idea,” Kit Woo, a fashion designer agrees.

Credit: Fumee Lee

Credit: Fumee Lee