Goodbye Frames & Say Hello to Aveo Daily Contacts


It’s no lie that wearing glasses can get extremely frustrating (I speak from years of experience). You spend a majority of your time pushing them up the bridge of your nose, and you get lost in the morning when you can’t quite place where you left them the night before (pro tip: use your handphone camera to help you see around the room for your specs). I’m sure all of us glasses lovers have tried contacts at least once in our life, and some of you might have had the experience of either:

a)    Losing your contact in your eyes,

b)    Getting too lazy to keep up with the regular routine of maintaining monthly contacts, or

c)    Breaking your bank to buy daily contacts (which don’t require any maintenance at all)


There is always a risk of having your eye infected when you don’t follow through to maintaining monthly contacts, and eventually it gets tiring and we give up on it altogether and start using our glasses again. With the rise of glasses in fashion, it’s great for non-spectacle wearers as they don’t need to buy powered spectacles (which cost too much) -- yet for the rest of us we would need to either buy powered ones or wear contacts to get those cute in-fashion frames.
With all the struggle and spending that comes with wearing contacts, a company has finally heard our endless pleas! Aveovision has recently launched its Aveo Hello Daily Contact Lenses which you can now get at an affordable price! I know what you’re thinking -- what does affordable actually mean? Well, we’re talking about as low as 2 ringgit a day!

It sounds almost impossible, but Aveo Hello Daily Contact Lenses have used advanced technology to make a high-quality, safe to use, and easy to obtain contacts. They’re the first company to launch a direct-to-consumer contact lens brand that allows consumers to purchase the daily disposable contact lenses online and have it delivered directly to your door. The plans are crazy affordable, and I’ll attach a link at the end of this article for you to check it out. Finally, a daily contacts brand that doesn’t break the bank. You no longer have to worry about choosing between your eye health and spending your hard earned cash. You can check out the affordable pricing here or read more on the Aveo Hello Contact Lenses here.

Credit: Tasha Raj

Credit: Tasha Raj