Artisinal Bridal With Italian Inspiration


You can never run away from floral embellishments when you’re picking out the perfect bridal dress for your big day. It’s what makes the dress to be even more elegant and exquisite especially during KL’s biggest bridal showcase, The Wedding KL 2019. Whether you’re looking for a princess diaries moment or traditional classic pieces, Fiziwoo has got it all for you, as well as Italian-inspired brand, Bonia.

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In 2009, Fiziwoo was founded by Hafizi Radzi Woo who came up with the name of the brand by combining his nickname and surname. Two years later, architecture-based designer, Izree Kai Haffiz joined the homegrown brand and the talented duo has brought Fiziwoo from just a small two-man company into a cutting edge fashionable business empire.

This year at The Wedding KL, the brand is leading 2019 with a bridal collection under its exclusive Made-To-Measure line, Fiziwoo Artisanal that’s a staple in the designer brand’s house. Whilst watching the dress walk down the aisle at the show, guests are able to see the 16 looks with each piece narrates a story on Fiziwoo’s interpretation of tradition. The collection is said to challenge the norm and portrays the maturity of the house with its play of traditional silhouettes whilst enhancing the complexity and skills of its embroidery and handwork.

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 The best bridal look not only depends on the dress, but also accessories that helps enhances and complete the entire look. Bonia, the international luxury brand and leather expert is The Wedding KL’s official fashion accessories partner and guests got the opportunity to have the first look at the Italian-inspired brand’s new bag during the preview that was held before Fiziwoo’s show. The showcase not only features specially handcrafted bags, they also offer customers the experience of having their names customly printed and stitched to their Bonia bags at their booth.

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Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki