Alia Bastamam Atelier “The Garden of Babylon”

Bridal 19/20

Malaysian Super Model:  Tinie

Malaysian Super Model: Tinie

Winner of ‘Designer of the Year’ at KL Fashion Week 2017, Alia Bastamam, her team and label have led a clear direction since the brand’s inception in 2010. Nine years in the industry has placed Alia amongst Malaysia’s leading fashion designers.
On Jan. 30 2019 at the Four Season Hotel Kuala Lumpur, VIPs and fashion devotees were treated to a glimpse of Alia’s most sensually optimistic collection aptly called ‘The Gardens of Babylon’. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were the fabled gardens which adorned the capital of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, built by its greatest king Nebuchadnezzar II and is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


In the conceptual process of her latest collections, one of Babylon’s many majestic gardens was imagined. Among its lush surroundings, our gaze shifts towards the women who occupy it. After all, it is said that they were the most alluring in the world.
“I wanted to see beyond their beauty,” Alia incites. “I looked deeper and into our fascinating female qualities, which we shouldn’t be afraid to lay bare, like our innocence and bravery. “Melding the inner facets of a woman with my own idea of this ‘Garden’, I’ve created looks that strike a chord with me. The two collections I’ve been working on speak for two female characteristics I relate to – sensual liberty and pure innocence.”

The first part of the collection from the Atelier Line is an ode to Liberty; a blooming womanliness, of which the woman isn’t shy of, is evident in the looks for Atelier 2019/2020. She has a sultry tone; an unabashed confidence that sets Alia’s modern interpretation of the Babylonian woman. Bright reds strike a cautionary note of the female prowess. Sand tones of the desert and the sky blue of the Mediterranean azure set a calm quiet within her. And as with Alia’s continuous aesthetic, the soft curves of the shoulders and the well-drawn lines of the legs are gloriously displayed in floor-grazing evening gowns.


The collection ended with Alia Bastamam’s Bridal Collection where pure innocence contrasts with the greens and clay of the Garden, shades of virtuous white present the blushing chastity of a woman on her most special day. In that moment she is calm but her heart flutters. She takes the step through the Garden in dresses that are decorated in luscious opulence as sparks of gold accentuate her confident taste for the finer things in life. With each angelic glide, she flows through the Garden of Babylon surrounded with beauty and innocence trailed only by the gentle whisper of the wind behind her.
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KLFW founder, Mr Andrew Tan & Fashion Designer Alia Bastamam

KLFW founder, Mr Andrew Tan & Fashion Designer Alia Bastamam