ACME Bar & Coffee Suria KLCC Review

“An International Affair”

Kuala Lumpur is the most vibrant food enclave in Malaysia, it’s home to a mix of tasty street food, cafes and restaurants. At the heart of Malaysia’s culinary scene is a gastronomic adventure stemming from unique cultural roots. The globetrotting ways of chefs have brought forth exotic dining developments in the city. It’s a natural extension of KL’s culinary DNA to blend exchange of spices, techniques, and ingredients. Acme Bar & Coffee at Suria KLCC presents fusion dishes at its most successful fuses with delicate sequence, balance and contrast.


Acme’s elegant copious space with plush sofas and shelves brimming with eye-catching wine bottles offers the perfect retreat from the bustling mall. For the best seats in the house, reserve a spot at the al-fresco dining area. The elevated seating is blocked off from the sidewalk and offers view of the lush KLCC Park and dazzling water features. Suria KLCC’s Acme serves chic brasserie style menu that incorporates inspirations from the chef’s world travels. The cross-cultural selections bursting with savory-spicy flavours tell stories of embrace, adaptions and fusion with Malaysian culinary heritage.  The dishes embody much of what I love about the spirit of food in Malaysia, which often transforms the dishes, as we know into a magical feast.

I was instantly drawn to the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Strips from the menu, I’m always curious at how chefs continuously reinvent the use of salted egg yolk in dishes. The trick at Acme’s is firstly they use duck eggs, which gives extra depth of creaminess and secondly the chefs mash the yolk to a powdery consistency creating a sauce strong. The yolk appears in the form of a lightly dusted coating sticking to the chicken strips. Listen to that echoing crunch on each bite, that’s the mark of a satisfying deep-fried texture.


 Spaghetti aglio olio is the embodiment of simple ingredients coming together to create a flavourful and delectable pasta dish. Sambal Hebi Aglio Olio is Acme’s take on a hearty aglio olio. It perfectly blends both bold Malaysia flavours and classic pasta ingredients. Cooking Italian food is an art – the chef masterfully infuses the dry shrimp spicy sambal paste alongside fresh ingredients such as fragrant basil, juicy prawns, and earthy olive oil for savoury-spicy pasta combo. Perhaps it’s the spice, it was more satisfying and addictive. 

 To cool off the bold flavours, I indulged in Acme’s Cranberry Lychee House Special.  With a distinctly sweet smell, the slightly tart drink was totally refreshing. You can quench your thirst with any of the house specials, cocktails, wines or even grab a cuppa from Sumatran Highland single origin Arabica beans.

 One of the most notable things about Acme Bar and Coffee is that you can taste the very best of Malaysian flavours in classic western dishes. The experimental cuisines are carefully curated to ensure you leave experiencing something new and uniquely Malaysian. With an inviting ambience it’s the perfect place to recharge and refuel before continuing your day.

Credit: Avinash Sagran

Credit: Avinash Sagran