A Beautiful Mystery: LUNA MINI 3 Tracks Down Stolen Car

‘ Find My LUNA’ feature alerts woman to stolen vehicle’s whereabouts after daylight robbery ‘ 

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FOREO the world’s fastest-growing skintech brand has released a statement detailing an astounding turn of events in which its smartest cleansing device yet - the LUNA mini 3 - uncovered a real life crime.
News just in is that the hotly anticipated ‘Find My LUNA’ feature debuted in the device helped one devastated woman track down her stolen car. The reported sequence of events involved an unnamed woman in the UK leaving the gym to find that her car had disappeared complete with her makeup bag and LUNA mini 3 inside. In the hours that followed, it was ultimately this smart device that led her to the location of the stolen vehicle, making this one of the most beautiful crime-busters ever. 

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After filing a report with the police, the woman returned home. It was here that she received a push notification to her phone from the FOREO app alerting her that someone else had tried to access her device with a trackable IP address. She immediately took it to the police and it was this IP address that they used to track down the location. 
Dalia Fernandez, FOREO’s Product Development Manager admits that even though the brand is confident that ‘Find My LUNA’ is a game-changing addition to the LUNA mini 3, they never could have anticipated that it would tackle crime as well as skin. “We know that skintech is changing lives around the world for the better but we never could have predicted that this tiny smart device would have an impact on this level. It just goes to show that not all heroes wear capes - sometimes they’re made out of silicone!” she laughs. 
The criminal found at the scene is now being held for questioning, the brand can exclusively report.