Craig Green focuses on elements that are closely linked to the man, being protection and function his major issues. Ever the pragmatist, Green devised overblown, sculptural shapes built like sums of cubic elements that retain a sense of function, working solely with matte nylon and cotton dawns. As radical as his sculptural down-filled forms appear, completely rewriting the dialogue between clothing and body, looking like flotation devices, or life-saving rafts, they are meant to be properly worn and used. Padding is brought to the ultimate level, making pieces look gigantic yet still very light, as if they were filled with air. Protection gets to the furthest, turning looks into soft contemporary armors, with hoods concealing faces. Amplified in their symbolic as well as functional presence, the garments resemble habitats: self-sufficient units to inhabit and live in under extreme conditions. As such, Craig Green heralds a futurist vision which fiercely puts the human being at the center. Coming in an uncompromising palette of white, black and midnight blue, the collection has a radical presence. Black stitches create pinstripe effects, landing a graphic touch.


To further celebrate the 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN collection, Moncler has commissioned the artist and photographer Dan Tobin Smith together with the set designer Nicola Yeoman, for an artwork exclusively conceived for the event at The House of Genius temporary store in Tokyo Aoyama on October 26th. Starting from six letter designs, the artwork is an artistic visual idea to represent the word and the world of Moncler Genius. Moncler Genius augmented reality content will be unveiled through The House of Genius in Tokyo windows visuals. Through the Moncler Genius AR Lens app, consumers will discover a secret 3D multiverse behind each collection.



“I have always explored ideas of protection and functionality within my work, something that is also at the core of Moncler’s heritage. I thought it would be interesting for these ideas to be pushed further, interpreting Moncler’s performance based history, and developing designs with their years of technical knowledge and expertise”, Craig Green. London-born designer Craig Green established his namesake label in 2012, shortly after graduating the Fashion Masters course at Central Saint Martins. He has since carved a unique position amongst the city’s most innovative menswear designers, and continues to earn both critical and commercial success globally. Green’s accolades include Emerging Menswear Designer at The British Fashion Awards 2014, the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund prize 2016, and British Menswear Designer at The Fashion Awards 2016 and 2017.


5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN collection is available NOW at Sneakerboy.com, Moncler boutiques, moncler.com and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.
To mark the launch of the collection, SSENSE MONTRÉAL presents the installation: 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN. An atmospheric recreation of the collection’s Milan Fashion Week showcase, the installation comprises Craig Green’s original Moncler Genius designs adjacent to dark, mechanical sculptures by studio Isabel + Helen. Subtitled ‘Clothing as Protection’, 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN amplifies Moncler’s performance heritage with Green’s survivalist learnings. Immense, architectural designs push the concepts of functionality and protection to near abstraction, all while maintaining a stringent pragmatism.

Credit: Kory Tung

Credit: Kory Tung