Courage Through Your Personal Style @ KLFW

Tres Chic or Tres Shit?

Such a broad spectrum of opinion here as we talk about fashion, what is fashionable, who decides the trends, or what constitutes to being unfashionable?

I love fashion and styles, and I think there are plenty of absorbing things about the industry and the idea of expressing yourself through clothes. Instead of encouraging your inner Carrie Bradshaw or the fashionista in you, I am here to tell you how to embrace your personal style and maybe give you a few tips and tricks to finding your own inner fashion goddess.

How To Find Your Personal Style

1) Find yourself two style icons or aspirational looks. Take the ever famous Kim Kardashian. We can’t deny that some of her looks may be too extravagant but her excellent sense of fashion has definitely outweighed any bad outfits she may have pulled over the years.

And of course, find some one whose style is almost similar to yours. For example, I’d like to believe that my style could relate a lot to Jaja Annuar, Fashion Valet’s buyer, as we’re both tall and pretty laid back, but still adventurous with our mix match of colours and prints!

2) Learn what you feel best in for your body; understand what category your body falls under and what flatters it. For example, if you’re on the petite end of the scale with a big chest, then always opt for tight fitted short dresses instead of loose ones so that it could flatter your body a bit more.

3) When you are trying to find your own style, go through your own closet and see what you already have because usually it is a good indication of things you like. So when you’re looking into your closet, pay close attention to colours because if you have a bunch of black, white, and pink outfits, then that’s an indication that you feel good in that colour. Hence, focus your personal style on these colours!

4) Make a list of what clothes you do wear during the week like if you are a lawyer, you probably do not need 800 sparkly cocktail dresses. So think about what you need when you go shopping because that is definitely going to influence your closet towards a cohesive personal style as its within budget and stuff that you would actually wear in the long run.

5) Accessorising because that is the key to giving your personal style a personal flair. For example, crazy signature jewelries and outrageous signature purses. Any of these items are exciting ways to accessorize and switch up any look whilst making you feel fabulous.

6) Your shoe collection matters so invest in a good pair every now and then because by default, you are going to be considered stylish because this is where all of your can draw inspirations from and instantly look amazing.

7) Pay attention to trends and never be afraid to make trends your own. For example, if you know chokers are in, then make your own. That way, you will add your own personal flair to something that is already trendy which is quite possibly the trendiest thing to do.

8) Matching your mood with your outfit. For example, if you are not feeling very peachy today, maybe wear black. And if you feel angelic and cheerful, dress to the nines in your best white outfit!

9) You don’t need a million Ringgit to have a personal style. Honestly, you can look better than someone with a million Ringgit as long as you know how to work it.

10) Find your own signature items that will make your personal style stand out. For instance, I always have my rose gold nose ring on along with a mix-match of rings on my fingers no matter what outfit I have on as I believe that would give everything you do a little personal touch.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week is a time where they sky is your limit and every corridor of Pavilion is your runway. That is what style is all about; being able to make something into something that it may be wasn’t before. Personal style is just THAT personal so if you like it, wear it. Who cares. When I attended the few shows, these are all the KLFW attendees that I have personally felt had the utmost courage to allow their personal style to shine through.

Confidence is key. So when you are trying to find your personal style, literally find what makes you feel the best because that is going to shine through no matter what you are wearing; you will look amazing even though you don’t quite know what you are doing. Remember to always be fearless, experiment, and go crazy! Fashion is supposed to be fun so wear whatever you want, whenever you feel like it; it’s definitely going to be a look.

Credit: Nadja

Credit: Nadja