Burberry, Chanel, Gucci ... The Good and Bad of Dressing Up Your Kids In Designers Clothes

Swipe up, continue swiping, look, it’s your celebrity’s daughter wearing Gucci shirt to school and Chanel backpack for PE (Physical Education)! Some find this glamorous, some find it too much for children. With the fashion era growing strong and global, it does not affect only fashion lovers but also parents.

As a kid, many of us were dressed up in inexpensive garments that our parents got for us from The Store, Kip Mart, or AEON. The most popular school shoes we wore in kindergarten were Bata or Converse — are they still valid now? Were we even aware about brands? Do we even know how to compare products from one to another? We know how to choose, totally!

“It is important to dress up your kids in nice looking pieces so that they look good,” said Linda Rafar, a Malaysian celebrity, brand ambassador and mother to four heroes who dresses up her kids in stylish outfits. Linda believes that as a celebrity, keeping a good image of her kids is as important as maintaining her good image. Fair enough!

Could it be that designer brands are in high demand by adults triggering them to create little precious pieces for the young ones too or the kids today realize the importance of wearing designer clothes to feel cool and current? Kids today are deemed 21st century machines which means they are tech-savvy and are able to do things beyond expectations. Hence, you’ll never know what they are capable of.

Dressing up kids in designer clothes can be a challenge especially when you live in a country or community that doesn’t normalise it. Mass consumers in Malaysia would opt for cheaper or reasonable-priced options compared to some that are more comfortable spending on designer clothes for their children which brings the question whether is this spoiling them to think that the more expensive the better?

When asked if it is too much to dress kids up in designer outfits, Linda said that as long as we educate children to value things and to not compare what they wear to what their friends, there shall be nothing such as too much or too soon. “And definitely not bad parenting,” added Linda with a short laugh.


Constant feeding of expensive items might do harm to kids’ development.Children picks up fast because of their prefrontal cortex which gives them the ability to look at things broader than adults do. This also aids kids’ imagination to be flexible and inventive unlike adults whose imagination slows down as they get older. This factor leads kids’ choice to multidirectional ways and without proper teaching, “expensive” will be seeded in their brain. Many parents are worried to don expensive clothes on their kids as they might grow up wanting to wear and purchase only expensive garments. Linda is confident that with proper guidance and teaching by parents, kids will grow up understanding the reasons they wear what’s on their skins.“Nurture positive mentality in your kids from an early stage and spend based on occasion,” Linda advised. She confirms that she too buys non-designer clothes especially for home outfits like pajamas. Our cute young diablos would not understand the worth of a Gap pyjama set anyway.

There is no right or wrong in splurging on your kids to make them look nice but I personally think that it really depends on occasion and how far you could afford the brand. There is always a cheaper choice but on another hand, quality comes first too! Parents, while you are taking a paseo in the mall considering your purchase, think twice before you swipe your cards.

Spend smart, look smart!

Credit: Fumee Lee