How to Survive KLFW

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A Complete Guide to Making it Through KLFW

Another year and another fashion week is upon us!  Can one really be ready for all the fashion antics, wardrobe malfunctions, and those incredibly long days?  From making an entrance to watching back-to-back shows, this is your complete guide to surviving the madness that is Fashion Week.  Some fashion veterans have shared their insights as to how they stay on top of their game all week long.  If you’re an aspiring model, behind-the-scenes enthusiast, or a rookie attendee, this is the guide for you. 


Photo:    Eika Azam

Photo: Eika Azam


Front Rowers

From attending all the shows, after parties, and keeping front row etiquette is no easy feat.  Eika Azam, influencer and all around fashionista, gives us the low-down on how to capture all the right moments.  “My one essential is hand sanitizer, it’s a must-have cause you meet a lot of people!  And my phone to capture all my OOTDs.”  But, what makes a great OOTD post you might ask?  Eika shares, “you need a clean and clear background with no distractions, make sure you are always in the center, shoot in portrait mode, and no smiling!”  Eika makes outfit changes between shows for maximum OOTD opportunities!


Photo:    Malek McCrone

“You Wanna Be on Top?”

Malek McCrone is one of the many new faces on the runway this year, but he is definitely no stranger to strutting his stuff.  McCrone has graced the runway for Farah Khan, and The Melium Group, but it takes so much more than putting one foot in front of the other.  Being a newcomer walking for KLFW, he sure makes it look easy.  “For prep, I go on a very strict Ketosis diet and do two workouts a day - a 5 km and Hiit or 10 km endurance run in the morning, and a weight circuit training at night.  I make sure to eat tons of greens and a lot of food that is high in antioxidants for the skin, and I replace water with green tea and lime water.  I also cut all sugar, salt, and oil from my diet.  To stay fresh on the runway, all I need is a big cup of super strong coffee and chewing gum.  I like to go for a more New Yorker walk, where it’s fast paced, upbeat, and high energy.”  We think Miss J. Alexander approves!

Photo: Atelier Fitton

Photo: Atelier Fitton

The Final Bow

Before a designer takes his or her final bow, most of us don’t get to witness the insanity that occurs backstage - clothes being steamed, models half dressed, shoes don’t fit, and eyelashes falling off!  Misha Shah of Atelier Fitton shares her wisdom as to how she and Joshua Fitton manages stress levels and making sure that every detail is impeccable.  After five years of KLFW, Joshua and Misha are an expert power duo at keeping stress at bay.  “If it gets too much, always take a breather.  Go have a drink and get out of the office for an hour just to clear your mind, then hustle again” says, Misha.  “That way you’re in the right frame of mind to making sure every item is prefect for the runway, which is the most challenging part.  Every detail counts!”  What is more important than surviving Fashion Week is having a proper celebration!  “We like to celebrate at the after party with all our guests the night of the event and it’s always nice to catch up!  Their support means so much to us.  And book your flight ticket, preferably somewhere with a beach, time to relax and unwind!”



Life Backstage

“It's like a rollercoaster, honestly!  Extremely exhilarating and full of suspense. There are the not-so-fun moments, but at the end of the day, it's just so much fun” says, Fahmi Zulkafli of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Malaysia.  The most essential tool for any makeup artist and hairstylist working backstage is patience!  “The willingness to learn and think fast on your feet.  Backstage is an incredible space where you get the chance to learn from some of the best in the business,” Zulkafli, adds.  Some of the go-to products for makeup artists backstage are: full coverage face brush, Skin Long-Wear weightless Foundation SPF 15, Primer Plus Radiance SPF 35, and Luxe Matte Lip Color.If anything, what you really need to survive is water, some flats, and don’t take it too seriously - have fun!

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Credit: Dianna Yong

Credit: Dianna Yong