3 Questions with Edition KLFW

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Edition KLFW had it’s ‘All Access’ pass on during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week to ask some questions to your favourite celebrities and influencers on their skincare routine, who’s collection they love and their hopes for the future of our local designers.


                           What would be your advice to haters?

“Ignorance is a bliss. Don’t care what they say and just do your thing because nobody knows you better than yourself. Haters gonna hate so you do you boo boo.”


                        Who were you most excited to see and why?

“Mostly all but Tarik Jeans is something else because they cater to all looks! Big, skinny, curvy, just everything. All emotions at one time.”


                                                 Andre Amir

           What is your skincare routine before an event like KLFW?

Hydration mask. Lack of sleep, makeup, exhaustion, lack of water.. Hydration is what your skin needs to look fresh.

                         Who were you most excited to see and why?

There are a number of menswear collections and I love the black on black layering in Atelier Fitton but I choose Neonate for injecting their reinterpretation of Malaysian iconic looks from the past into the collection, like the Tunku Abd Rahman embroidery on the jacket and ‘Old Newspaper’ in 3 languages shoutout on a shirt. It’s not a perfect, perfect collection, but it’s fun to watch!

                                                   Fadza Anuar

                What do you hope for in the future for our local designers?

“Well with FashionValet, we have always supported local brands and designers, so my only hope is for them to be known internationally by everyone as well as open door for newcomers.”


                             What is your skincare routine for KLFW?

Before any event I’ve always like to use a rosewater toner. There are 2 kinds, one from Fresh and another from Lush. These are my favourite rosewater toner that I love to use before putting makeup on.

                  What are your hopes for the future of our local designers?

I would love to see pieces with more colours and something that’s just more crazy because I feel like a of of desigers are playing a little safe, so I would love to see them go pass that. So I hope in the future our designers would not limit them-selves and just express their full creativity and put it on the runway

                                             Naddy Rahman

                           Who were you most looking forward to see?

From the shows I went, I really liked Alia Bastamam & My Apparel Zoo. Alia    her designs are always flowy, chic & sexy. MAZ – Ellie’s designs are always fun, bright & chic at the same time.

                                                   Diana Danielle

                       Which designer collection did you like the most?

It’s so hard to tell because all of them did so good this year but I really did enjoy Rizman Ruzaini’s 90’s collection. My dress for the show is also inspired from the 90’s hit show The Nanny which I absolutely love.


                                                Daiyan Trisha

              Which designer’s collection did you really like?

I was absolutely in awe with Jovian! it was such a gorgeous collection. Stunning delicate pieces with solid memorable patterns! Love!

Credit:  Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki