Note from Edition KLFW Features Editor


Edition KLFW started as a practical solution to bring the printed magazine that was distributed every year during The Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week online, to continually bring updates to the progress, achievements and exciting happening for the Designers of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

It has never been my intention to manage an online magazine. However, intention and necessity are two different things. It is necessary that we, as an independent online magazine, understand the privilege that we have - by not being tied to any existing establishment, to tell any stories as we see fit to better represent the world that we are living in.

We are living in a time of excessive changes - political, economic, social, technological …etc. This change infuses us in the air that we breathe and with each inhale we are left with even more uncertainty.

Uncertainty loses its hold over us when we have a better understanding of its context. With tolerance and trust, we have entered a new era; so, what better way to show our appreciation than to give a stronger voice to both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the virtuous and the sinful?

In the months to come, Edition KLFW aims to provide a platform where we bring diversity and honesty to the category of fashion, opinions and social developments to our readers in a fun, quirky and unexpected way.

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Kory Tung