Bobbi Brown X Edition KLFW

What’s better than appreciation? Probably makeup. But not just any makeup. How about a makeover that completely transforms your look from drab to fab? Well Edition KLFW successfully combined all these elements into an amazing collaboration with Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Those whom are avid users of the makeup brand would know that Bobbi Brown herself never truly believed in hiding or covering with makeup.

What matters is what’s inside your body and how do you bring it forward in the way you look. “It’s about looking like the better version of yourself,” says the makeup mogul in an interview when talking about women should embrace the ‘makeup no makeup look.’ We were lucky to get ourselves in touch with this revolutionary brand by having them be a part of our writer’s shoot.

Back into appreciation, Edition KLFW wants to value and give appreciation to all our writers and making them feel special for being a part of the magazine. It was crucial to show people the brains behind the writing and ideas to all our stories because without them, or better yet, without writers, where would we be now? Our female writers had the chance to experience getting their face beat by Bobbi Brown cosmetics and we made it point for the makeup brand to transform our ladies from bland to glam.

The inspiration behind the makeup or looks for the shoot were all about bold eyes and red lips. It’s about looking glamorous and feeling that ‘makeover’ vibe because we want them to look like fabulous version of themselves. While our ladies were getting dolled up, I got the chance to sit down and have a little chat with them to ask what was their favorite Bobbi Brown products that was used on them. Here’s what they had to say:


Dianna Yong:

“The BBU Pro Face Palette felt super lightweight and creamy. It is super flexible like you can it use it sparingly for natural looks or build it up for heavier coverage. Smooth finish, not flaky or drying.”

Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 (RM207) 03.jpg

Praseetha: “The Intensive Skin Serum Foundation was amazing. I have yet to find a foundation that actually blends in so well with my skin tone. Plus it didn’t look cakey (I should give this thanks to the Bobbi Brown makeup artist haha) , and it did not feel heavy at all which is always a plus.

Skin Foundation Sticks (RM155 each).jpg

Nadja: “I definitely love their foundation! That’s what stood out to me the most. The Skin Foundation Stick gave me a subtle dewy glow. It wasn’t too cakey or heavy for my skin. And it concealed just about all of my flaws so thank goodness haha.I also got the chance to be glammed up by Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Hydrating Eye Cream (RM202) - open.jpg

Zee Zaki: “What makes a good makeup look is the base underneath it and I thought the Hydrating Eye Cream was the best thing. It smoothens out the foundation and concealer that was put. For someone with sensitive skin like me, it is really important to have a hydrating and soothing formula to even out everything.”


We convey our biggest thank you to Florence from Miko Hair Studio and Stephanie and Jay from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for amazing hair and makeup.

Credit : Zee Zaki

Credit : Zee Zaki