45-Minute Lunch Quickies You Can Do in Pavilion KL



Adult life and friendship is spending your morning hours looking forward to lunch time because that’s probably the only time anyone feels alive and being able to fill up their empty stomachs at the high-end food court with colleagues from other offices.

Nevertheless, there are more things you can do within your lunch time that’ll make you feel nothing less than fresh and rejuvenated. Here are 3 places you can head to in Pavilion KL during lunch hour that can be done in just 45 minutes.


Bobbi Brown’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson

Heading back to the office would not feel like a drag after you’ve get your face done and on top of that gaining knowledge from one of the best globally known cosmetics brand, Bobbi Brown. The makeup mogul herself have always believed in enhancing your natural features instead of covering the flaws that show. In just 45 minutes, Bobbi Brown gives you the ultimate makeup lesson from skincare to correcting and concealing to choosing the best lip colour for you.

I got the chance to sit down in Bobbi Brown in Pavilion to experience this 45-minute ultimate makeup lesson and the only word that came to mind describing it was ‘eye-opening’. The makeup artist was very detailed and eloquent when describing each of the product used on my face and the benefits behind them.

My personal favourite would be the Hydrating Eye Cream. I’m the type to splurge on skincare than makeup because coming from a girl with sensitive skin, having a good base and clear skin is crucial. I’ve never found an eye cream that was super nourishing to the skin and (that actually works!). Aside from that I had my eye on the Creamy Concealer Kit and Lip Balm.

 It was one of the most relaxing yet knowledgably makeup lesson or class I’ve experienced. My finished look was a subtle smokey eye with nude lips that was just the perfect for a refreshing look when heading back to the office for a night out afterwards.


Kerastase Scalp Treatment at Miko Galere with Kerastase

When was the last time you pampered your hair? And when I say “pampered”, I mean really giving your hair the treatment it deserves. For me it was months ago. Blame it on the endless meetings and never-ending family gatherings. Move your way to the Beauty Hall where you’ll find the Miko Galere with Kerastase that has a 45-minute Kerastase scalp treatment.


This is the hair saloon to the stars. Many local celebrities get their hair done with Miko Galere because they are nothing short from professional. I was invited to a private room that has closed doors with it’s own washing area which no one else can see. The scalp treatment I experienced was infused with the special Kerastase Discipline line that highlights the power of Keratin at its highest thanks to a unique association of actives to bring Discipline and reparation.

The treatment will give you long lasting results even after 10 washes. I noticed that it gives my hair the refreshing shine it dreads for after several months of just air drying it at home and washing it before bed. Colleagues at work will look in envy at your luminous locks as soon as you walk in through the door so do yourself a favour and take a break to give your mane a fresh look.



Honey Mani Pedi at The Nail Parlour

Uh-huh honey, you saw it right. In 45-minutes, stop by The Nail Parlour in Pavilion to get your nails drenched in real honey alongside mixture of tea and seaweed extracts that’ll leave skin feeling luxuriously soft. This one of a kind mani pedi session removes dry and dull skin which means it doesn’t focus only on nails but on your skin as well.

After that revel in an indulgent massage with rich lotion enriched with sweet almond and coconut oil. This nail spa session also includes trimming of nails, cuticles, scrub, massage and any regular nail polish of your choice.

Another pamper session that needs to be done during your lunch break that leaves you with soft silky baby-like hands.


Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki