Kit Woo - Special Edition

                    Credits:               Photographer: Aimanness               Stylist and Outfits: Kit Woo               Model: kim yongjin /Vladislav             Video: Moderate Films KL

Kit Woo

Kit Woo

Have you always wanted to be a designer? If yes, why?

I had only decided to pursue fashion design towards the end of my high school.

But I knew that I will definitely do something in the arts and design industry.

At what/which moment of your life did you finally decided to pursue fashion as a career?

I remember vividly of that moment when I went to watch The Devil Wears

Prada back in 2006 not knowing what was it about then, it really caught my attention, the energy, passion, with a little sassiness thrown in the mix. It is very attractive to me how fashion can be such an influential industry. 

What was your most memorable fashion moment?

When I went to “see” the shows during NYFW for the first time, “see” as in just hanging outside the tents and people-watch. There were interviews and people just strutting their looks on the streets hoping to get photographed.

What was it like featuring and creating your first ever collection/pieces? What was the inspiration behind the collection back then?

The very first collection I shown with KLFW in 2016 was my graduating collection, which was also my very first menswear collection. It was the collection that garnered a lot of collaborations (creative and business) until this day, I am very proud of that collection because there was no commercial input in the collection, it was purely to showcase my aesthetic, the shapes, cuts and textile manipulation. I was inspired by an American sculptor John Chamberlain, and the concept was to re-introduce garment through various deconstructive and reconstructive processes. This concept/technique has established itself as the core DNA of the brand that you see today. 

How would you describe your brand/design in 3 words?

Progressive, conflictive, fluid



What is the inspiration behind your latest collection? 

The inspiration for my SS19 collection is the works of Lucas Simões, a Brazilian artist whom had done a series of sculptures, specifically his “White Lies” collection. What I interpreted from that collection was the relationship between soft and hard merging together, becoming one. Ever deceiving to the audiences’ eyes. In this collection I am again showcasing my core DNA, borrowing the process of deconstruction and reconstruction to create unevenness, unusual forms, and hint of surprise.

Where and when can people buy your pieces/designs?

Jihe (physical store), China

Studio Collection (Physical, online), London UK

Lab 24 (physical store), Prague, Czech Republic

As well as personal order via DM or email with specific order time frames

Who are the designers that you'd wish to work with?

Rei Kawakubo, from Comme Des Garcons, Chitose Abe, from Sacai, Juun J

Craig Green

Who is your fashion icon?

At the moment. Rihanna, and Chris Lee (Li YuChun)

Is there anyone in your life that has played a major role/impacted your taste in fashion?

I never realized that my mom was the major influence on my love for fashion design until recently. Looking back, I have always followed her to shop. And growing up, I have watched my mom getting dressed in her office attires, and that is why it is natural that my designs are more structural, heavily referencing the 80s power dressing, and very masculine.

Credit: Zee Zaki

Credit: Zee Zaki