Fashion Impressions


How you dress can play a huge factor in how you’re perceived in the workplace

Giving advice on what you should wear is conflicting, not because the possibilities are endless but because I believe you should never dress for anyone but yourself. Alas, we live in a world where judgements are made faster than Trump can say something racist, so as much as I value realness and self-expression, I’m guilty of putting tremendous effort in steering people’s impressions of me through my fashion choices - practically fashion inception, I know. So today, I’ll be giving you unsolicited advice on what to wear on occasions you are bound to encounter in life. And seeing my status as a newly employed fresh grad, I will begin with how to dress for job interviews and daily work wear. It’s intimidating and no matter how open-minded your company or peers may be, judgement are made fairly quickly. How you dress can play a huge factor in how you’re perceived in the workplace - come to think of it, in most social situations... only you should care less of how people view you in the latter because let’s be real, they’re not the people deciding if you get that job, raise, or promotion.


The term professional has become synonymous with workplace, and no it does not mean blazer and slacks. You can still pull off “professional” in something bold because I stand by professionalism being more about attitude and performance. If you’re respectful, have your shit together, and a good attitude, no one should have any business telling you your outfit isn’t appropriate or “makes them feel uncomfortable”.

Job interview: These are like first dates minus the awkward silences - you’re testing out the waters and unsure what the other person is like, in this case, it’s the employer. I’m usually more conservative on the first date oops, I mean interviews; but conservative doesn’t have to mean boring. Putting a few basic garments and adding one bold item is usually the key. It lets them know you have enough common sense to dress “appropriately” (whatever that is) while still subtly showcasing your personality without anything too flashy. The most important thing is for the outfit to represent you - if you feel a belt or pair of shoes, then go for it.
Daily workplace setting: Now that you’ve got the job, you can make bolder fashion choices. My advice is as long as you have a good attitude, get your shit done, and don’t rock up to a meeting in a latex suit paired with a sombrero, you’re OK - I understand some places have stricter dress codes, but honestly there’s always a way to make anything look good - countless of 90s’ teen flicks have had crazy (sometimes unrealistic) makeovers and proven this.PS. As you can see from my outfit below, I have this rule where if I’m exposing the bottom half of my body, I won’t leave my top so bare. It’s one or the other, just more sophisticated that way, I think.

Girls night out: As my LEAST favourite Jersey Shore cast member once said: “if you're looking good, you're feeling good,” that oddly makes sense. Mood is a determining factor of how your night is and I generally feel more confident and empowered when I look good. The rationale behind a girls night out is to have fun and that also applies to the outfit. I tend to be more daring on these nights, sporting garments that scream “wardrobe malfunction ahead”, because where better to have one than a super dark room filled with people in beer goggles?

Date night: If you’ve been with your partner long enough to let them see you at your worst aka late night Netflix, then I highly recommend dressing up for date night. Not only am a firm believer of the importance of dates but also giving off the impression that you care. Dressing up
is you verifying what an important occasion this is and how this person is worth investing effort in.
I tend to be less “EXTRA” and more classy and comfortable - after all we will be sitting for hours and I always consider how my food baby will look with what I’m wearing. So maybe I’ll wear a loose mini dress with ample room for my future food baby! At my last date night I spotted a Topshop bralette #FashionRegrets.

Credit: Natalie