Even In Fashion, It Takes Two To Tango

Behind every designer is a dedicated business partner. This was evident with the likes of Christopher Kane, Altuzarra and even behind the founders of Opening Ceremony.  More often than not, fresh designers from fashion schools would want to dive straight into the business without wondering what it takes to run one. Here comes the key to it, business partners. Business partners in the fashion industry are not often looked as a common career, be it within the industry or outside it. Most designers are good with a sketchbook and a pencil but can they run a show as a whole? It doesn't just take a designer to get to know what the people around him or her needs, but business partners play often an equally similar role.

Extending to overseeing back office administrations , finance, legal, HR, logistics and e-commerce are few of the many caps  business partners often have to put on in order get businesses to running up and smoothly. This is not to say creative designers tend to not put on various other caps as well, creative designers running alongside business partners are known to supervise the art department , merchandising, visual designing and various other special projects. A dive into the Malaysian fashion scenes showcases a very similar scenario.

Prior to their upcoming collaboration for KLFW 2018. both Yiu Lin and Afiq M had an unexpected collaboration when the entrepreneur behind the fashion platform, Shoes Shoes Shoes had decided to come up with the pop-up store ,SSSXhibits: KLFW RTW Runway Collections. This was in efforts to showcase not just designs by Afiq M but also by Alia Bastamam, Tsyahmi, Thavia and Nurita Harith. Novel to the fashion scene, perhaps it's time for brief collaboration in the form of pop-up stores to make waves in the upcoming years as well as it is able to show that business partners can do short term collaborations with designers as well.

Afiq , known for his provocative and dark monotone designs had an opportunity in showcasing his designs in the exhibition. When probed on the experience he had on the pop-up store exhibition with Yiu Lin, he went on to say it was fun as they both not only worked together on the designs but also had collaborated on the business side to it as well. For those unaware, Afiq's Raya 2018 collection had support from the fashion platform, Shoes Shoes Shoes as well. The dynamics between the two of them even weaved itself into various decision making moments which even extended into choosing the right model to upfront Afiq's collection.

Highlighting the importance of finding the right partner, Afiq goes on to spare a few words of wisdom for young designers focusing on how important it is to attach themselves to business partners who believe in their designs. This goes on to show that there are a lot in fashion that doesn't just focus on the creative side but also pieces that makes up the bigger picture, with designers often needing someone they can trust to not just commercialize the amazing ideas they have but to also be able translate what they have in mind to the world.

A tease into his upcoming collection for KLFW 2018, Afiq describes it as easy and effortless yet believes it's gonna appeal as something special to his customers. The Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 will take place between the 8th till the 12th of coming August.

Credit: Poovenraj Kanagaraj

Credit: Poovenraj Kanagaraj