Art in the Digital Age


Collaborations are by far one of the best things to have ever graced our society. From music mash-up’s, to limited edition merchandises, it’s been proven again and again why two heads are always better than one! In the context of fashion, collaborations are a common thing that has given birth to many awesome designs and brought underrated designers into the spotlight.

One such collaboration was done between Ellie Norman of My Apparel Zoo and Tengku Abby at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017. Tengku Abby is an artist that had her brilliant artwork printed onto fabric that wowed the crowd and has gained loads of attention for all the right reasons. She gathered inspiration for the artwork from nature, earth and sea and Ellie then transformed them into her line while staying true to the brand’s design aesthetic which is chick, elegant resort wear.

Ellie Norman Founder of My Apparel Zoo   Photo credit to:

Ellie Norman Founder of My Apparel Zoo

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Ellie mentions that as a designer, there is a need to explore more creative aspects as it is one of the ways to create more prints and art pieces.

“It brings a whole new idea to fashion meets art”

She goes on to mentions how more artists should collaborate with fashion designers. We agree wholly as it is a great way to showcase their work and what more to see it come to life on the runway! It was indeed a great collaboration which is why we decided to reach out to our very own local artists that have enormous talents to find out more about what the digital art scene is like in Malaysia.

Chong Fei Giap  Co-Founder of the Running Snail Studio

Chong Fei Giap

Co-Founder of the Running Snail Studio

Chong Fei Giap, hails from Negeri Sembilan and has mesmerized us all by his extremely detailed art that features parts of Malaysia in very dreamlike scenarios. It caught social media by storm and his art went viral, so it only made sense that we catch up with the talent of Fei Giap.




He is the Co-Founder of the Running Snail Studio where he and two other individuals put their efforts into coming out with unbelievable illustrations. Established in 2012, Running Snail Studio creates illustrations for events that consists of a group of talented illustrators and designers. He started his journey as an artist by doodling away in school and finally got into the illustration course in college. Fei Giap honed his skills further by joining as illustration studio and working his way up from there. He mentions that getting exposure early on consisted of getting to know his art style and also by sharing his artwork on various social media platforms which in turn, gained him followers and exposure.

We asked him what was it like being an artist in Malaysia and he mentions how the industry itself is changing. Everything is moving onto the digital scene and away from the traditional paper and ink. While he is glad of how newer and better software’s are coming out to help him create better artwork, it has a downside where there will never be a tangible original copy of the artwork.

Now, of course we had to ask him about what he thinks of incorporating digital art and fashion! He was all for it, stating that artists can always give new perspectives and ideas to fashion designers in creating their pieces.

Illustration by :  Chong Fei Giap

Illustration by : Chong Fei Giap

Another notable artist is Celine Wong who also goes by Lihuà. She creates mesmerizing fashion illustrations by using her skills in Chinese calligraphy. It is the perfect example of traditional and modern art blending together to create magic! Lihua’s art has been featured in notable brands such as Chanel, Prada, Esquire, Elle Magazine and so many more.

Born and raised in Malaysia, she mentions how she always had a knack for doodling from a young age which blew up into a passion for the arts. She pursued her passions in the UK where she learnt that her interests lie in illustrating fashion and beauty pieces.

Celine Wong   Photo credit to:

Celine Wong

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Since art has always been developing throughout the years, we asked her opinions on the matter. “The creative art scene in Malaysia saw a widening interest during the millennial era due to the advent of the Internet” she notes. New media is on the rise and it helps give more exposure to new artists in the local scene.

Like everything else in life, being a digital artist has its own ups and downs. She mentions that it’s great to not be confined to an office and the ability to move about is bound to bring bouts of inspirations. However, the downside is of course dealing with having to stare at the screen for long hours and dealing with clients.Digital art is basically taking the world by storm. Software’s are making it possible for artists to create more artwork and to showcase their talents to the world. While traditional art will always have a place in our hearts, digital art is broadening the horizons for artists everywhere! Feel free to look through the artists mentioned in the article.


Credit: Praseetha

Credit: Praseetha